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Siebert’s Examples Of Human-elephant Relations. Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


Follow the instructions on in the file, don't write too delicate,
Below is the link to article "An elephant crackup".


Analytic Essay 2


Rough Draft (4 full pages) Tuesday, October 1st, 1:00pm (On Canvas + 1 hard copy)

Final Draft (5 full pages) Tuesday, October 8th, 1:00pm (On Canvas)



Klein, Naomi, “Hot Money: How Free Market Fundamentalism Helped Overheat the Planet” 2014 (The New Humanities Reader, 6th Ed., Edited by Richard E. Miller and Kurt Spellmeyer, Cengage, 2019, pg. 205-230).

Siebert, Charles, “An Elephant Crackup?” 2006 (The New Humanities Reader, 6th Ed., Edited by Richard E. Miller and Kurt Spellmeyer, Cengage, 2019, pg. 345-359). 


Klein discusses “parallel processes—trade on one hand, climate on the other” and how they have functioned as “two solitudes,” seeming to “actively pretend that the other did not exist” (215). Consider this idea while looking back at Siebert’s essay, “An Elephant Crackup?”  One could draw parallels between economy (Klein) and people (Siebert) on the one hand, and climate and elephants on the other.  How do Siebert’s examples of human-elephant relations provide a model for how “two solitudes” might have an ultimately positive impact on each other?



Below are some further questions that might be useful to consider in generating your argument. You may address these in your essay, but it is not required. It is only required to address the bolded question above.


--How does Klein’s idea of solving both climate change and inequality compare to Siebert’s     exploration of PTSD therapy for both people and elephants?

--What are some examples in Siebert of connections made between elephants and people and how they both cope with trauma? Could these be considered “parallel processes?”

--What does Klein mean by the phrase “actively pretend?”




Please proofread carefully.


Quotations should be carefully transcribed and attributed. You must use MLA bibliographic conventions when quoting the text (use your Keys for Writers book for reference). Use 1.0-inch margins on all sides, double-spacing, and 12-point Times New Roman font. Number all pages. Provide your name, date, and course section on the first page. Title your paper. Submit your paper via Canvas; email submissions are not acceptable. The penalties outlined in the syllabus will apply to all late submissions.


Student’s Name
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Human-Elephant Relationship
Naomi Klein portrays how the concept of free trade contributed to overheating the planet. Currently, almost everyone has witnessed the effects of increased environmental pollution through climate change. Although many governments emphasize the shift in consumer behaviors, Klein admits that changing the purchasing patterns cannot by itself solve the problem of climate change. In particular, the “two solitudes” that Klein is discussing are climate and trade. On the contrary, Charles Siebert’s “An Elephant Crackup” shows how human-elephant relationship has been changing gradually. Traditionally, elephants lived in the same neighborhood with humans, and there was no violence experienced. The author makes it clear that elephants have become more aggressive to people. In various parts of India and Africa, elephants have become aggressive and are attacking individuals and killing them. They are also destroying people’s villages and crops. Siebert shows the status of human-elephant relations by giving a model of “two solitudes” that might have an ultimately positive impact on each other.

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