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How Can A Parent Properly Discipline A Child (Essay Sample)


Please I want 6 sources essay and at least three should come from any of the following 1. scholarly book 2. scholarly periodical 3. scholarly website 4. public affairs or news periodical 5. nonfiction trade book 6. government website. please my essay should have introduction summary, concessions and the rest the last time I order my essay was good overall but the body paragraph's didn't tight with the thesis which make me loss 45 points. please any quotes should follow explanation sessions tight to the thesis


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How can a Parent Properly Discipline A Child
Parents have a wide range of roles in their children's lives. For example, parents have to protect their children from physical harm and any other form of threat, parents must provide shelter, food, clothing and other life needs to their children and also discipline them. Disciplining a child can involve punishment because of a mistake committed by the child or simply guiding the child to have proper behaviors in the society. Through disciplining a child, the child will know how to obey rules and behave according to the ethics of the community. Also, in a family where children are disciplined, the relationship between children and parents is always cordial and full of respect.
According to Jinot, (35-46, 2018), cases of indiscipline among secondary school children are on the rise. Jinot's study is a sign that children's discipline is deteriorating with time within our societies. The increase in disciplinary cases among children raises a lot of questions, for example, have the roles of parents changed in the society? or children are no longer being disciplined? Parents and other responsible people should know that discipline is a basic component of having future responsible people within the communities.
As it stands today and in ancient days, the roles of parents have not changed. Parents still discipline their children using various means like spanking among others. The discipline parents give their children should be reflected in the way the children relate with others in schools, but currently, cases of physical abuse and other forms of abuses among school children are on the rise (Clark). From Clark's work it can be noted that even though parents still discipline their children, the mode of discipline is not appropriate leading to poor discipline in children. Therefore, parents must look for an effective mode of discipline to ensure that their children are properly disciplined.
The problem of Discipline among Children
Poor discipline in societies is becoming a serious problem in the United States and the rest of the world today. Students are increasingly becoming unruly in class and the society, cases of students being bullied are becoming the order of the day (Brodsky). Students in public schools are increasingly becoming abusive, towards the public and fellow students. For example, in America, today cases of school gun shootings are on the rise. The gun shootings in schools are committed by school children against their fellow students posing a serious security challenge in schools.
In public schools today, violence is becoming a serious problem in public schools both to the teachers and the public. The cause of violence is lack of proper discipline among school children. Since most of the disciplinary measures such as corporal punishments have been abolished in schools, it becomes so difficult for teachers to discipline children. Therefore the role of discipline is significantly left to parents. Parents are supposed to ensure that their children are properly disciplined.
Methods of Discipline Employed by Parents on their Children
According to Lerner, (2017), discipline goes beyond correcting misbehavior in children, it also influences children's development. Discipline helps children manage their emotions, learn to follow and adhere to rules, become compassionate towards one another and learn to identify what is right and wrong. Parents in their attempts to have responsible children have used various attempts to discipline their children. Some of these attempts are physical punishments while others involve verbal communication. Whether the discipline method is physical or verbal parents ...

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