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China's Neighboring Countries Sinicization (Essay Sample)


The mid term essay asked to repeat two essay questions. Two separate sections double space 12th font times new roman. The two questions are on the picture, the requirements and the contents of the above are written. The required materials are only required readings and p p t. Write according to the relevant content given in the outline. The two required reading names are China's Cosmopolitan Empire : The Tang Dynasty and China Between Empires : The Northern and Southern Dynasties. The two issues are mutually independent and must not be confused. Finally need to add reference to OK. Thank you


China's Neighboring Countries Sinicization
Question 1
The Tang dynasty was one of the most renowned eras in Chinese civilization. The strong cultural and religious beliefs ascribed to by the Chinese individuals were a great influence on their colonizers. China's culture coherently integrated with religion was pronounced through clothes, food, lifestyle, and art. The Chinese culture was widespread during the Tang dynasty due to it being a hybrid culture. It was a fusion of tribal lifestyles, beliefs and customs across the Asian region resulting in the development of the Han Chinese. However, the Chinese influence on its neighbors came to be based on diplomatic grounds. For instance, China allowed the neighbors to pay tribute to the Chinese emperors.
The neighboring countries espoused several features of Chinese politics together with culture. Some of the borrowed aspects that led to sinicization include Confucian values, hierarchical aspects of the family and society, Chinese writing styles, political systems among many others. Some of the neighboring states with Chinese influence include Koguryo to the northeast, Japan to the east, Vietnam to the south and Kucha and Karashahr to the west. In Korea where Koguryo lies, the state adopted the “king” title that was used by the Han Chinese. Moreover, the state established a Chinese style kind of Grand Academy. In addition, Korea began using the legal code similar to that of Jin in China. Buddhism also took root in Korea with many Koreans offering allegiance to the Buddhist gods.
In Paekche, the sinicization took effect mostly on the legal grounds where the courts adopted the Jin court systems of the ruling. Moreover, the state ascribed to the architectural aspects of the Chinese people, their poetic styles, and musical attributes. Chinese practices became an innate part of the people. The Buddhism temples were constructed as per the Chinese models of temples. In the 3rd century, China's influence in Japan was evident with the exhibit of the Chinese-style bronze mirrors accompanied by military banners as augmented by Himiko. The missions sent to China by Himiko received titles and military weapons that exhibited Chinese culture. Additionally, the court in Japan began official trading with China in the 6th century. The importation of goods from China enhanced the culture transmission from China to Japan through the Korean state.
Similar to the Chinese influence in Korea, Japan's writing systems, legal systems, codes, and major governance systems such as land registration, people registration, and allocation borrowed from the Chinese systems. In essence, Japan began establishing tribute relations with their Chinese neighbors that purportedly were the “barbarians.” Vietnam and central Asia followed suit to Japan and Korea's Chinese culture adaptation. The two states took into their cultures; Confucianism, writing styles, social structures, fa

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