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Social Media Is Causing A Divide In Families Research (Essay Sample)


Write a clear, cohesive argumentative essay that appeals to a large audience, which will include members who disagree with your position. Your objective is to convince readers that your argument is valid and persuasive; in fact, you may include a "call to action" in the conclusion, prompting readers to take action based on your position.
Re-read Chapter 21 in our MFW textbook, paying particular attention to pages 543-552. You may argue about any topic that you choose; and, you may also select a topic from the "Argumentative Sample Essays" in Chapter 21.
500-700 words (minimum)
Introduction, Conclusion, and Three Body Paragraphs
No research (utilize logos, pathos, and ethos)
An argument must be specific (not general or vague) or too simple.
An argument must have supporting details and claims.
An argument must effective acknowledge and engage oppositional views.
Revise and edit.
Eliminate second person (“you”), comma splices, run-on sentences, subject-verb disagreement, spelling errors, punctuation errors, awkward syntax, and general proofreading errors.


Social Media is causing a Divide in Families
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Social Media is causing a Divide in Families
It is an undeniable fact that social media platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram have come with immense benefits to humanity. Connecting with friends, sharing photos and videos; meeting new people and sending messages has never been easier. All a person needs is a reliable internet connection and a source of power and a modern device that can support social media applications and voila! People can take a tour of the world while they sit back, relax and get wowed on your couch. However, basing on observations and evidences, it is justifiable to assert that social media is increasingly causing misunderstanding and divisions in our families.
Quite a number of families are not enjoying the cohesion and stability that they had before the advent of social media. Think about the woman whose chauvinistic womanizer husband has taken his cheating game to social media. He stalks, sexts and chats with other women till the wee hours of the night while his helpless wife endures loneliness. Maybe her situation would not be as bad as it is if there was no social media at all. Put yourself in her shoes just for a moment. It really hurts, doesn’t it?
There are many children out there who are out of touch with their relatives because of social media addiction. Children as young as ten years of age have...
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