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Health Benefits Associated With Forest Bathing (Essay Sample)


First, read the The Atlantic article, "'Forest Bathing'": How Microdosing on Nature Can Help With Stress" by Rahawa Haile.
Tip: Look up all unfamiliar words, names, references, and ideas in the essay. Think about your reaction to this essay: What is the argument that the author is forwarding? How does she or he persuade you of their argument? What kinds of evidence does he or she use? Do you agree with the argument? What counterarguments might you offer to challenge the author’s argument? Begin to outline your thoughts on the article’s topic.
The goal is to write a clear, concise argumentative essay, using claims, reason, and evidence, based on BOTH of the essays that have been provided to you.
The attachment is same with the websites of two readings, but the pdfs may lose some pictures.


Health Benefits associated with Forest Bathing
In the article, ‘Forest Bathing’: How Micro dosing on Nature Can Help with Stress, the author Rahawa Haile begins by giving us a vivid description of the nature walk that they had in the forest. She also reminds us that the walk that they had was not a hike as the reader would begin to think but rather a practice called forest bathing. The main reason that made them go for the forest bathing exercise was to make sure they have renewed their lives and found peace in their hearts by interacting with the natural conditions that were surrounding the place. In reference to the peace that they would get after the exercise, the author says, “According to the event description, we had gathered outside that day to emerge as flowers might after a long winter”(Haile par 2). The whole exercise involved paying attention to the surrounding conditions of the place that they were enjoying nature and that is why they were asked to walk slower than usual that is a quarter of their usual walking speed. The author has provided such a vivid description of the forest bathing exercise so that the reader can differentiate the nature walk from the ordinary walk.
The author also finds it necessary to mention another exercise that is related to the one that they are undertaking in another nation to convince the author that the exercise is significant. The forest bathing exercise was made part of the national health program in Japan in the year 1982. The exercise was made to reconnect the people with nature. The author has mentioned a number activities that have been carried out to prove the health benefits that are associated with the exercise. The benefits that are associated with forest bathing include lowered blood pressure, blood glucose levels and lowering the stress hormones. The benefits have also been mentioned in the article, Greenery (or Even Photos of Trees) Can Make Us Happier, by Gretchen Reynolds. On his side, Gretchen begins by giving us the conclusions from research that was carried out on the benefits that were associated with forest bathing. The content that

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