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non verbal essay (Essay Sample)

Observe two people in a conversation from a distance - you should not be able to hear what they're saying. Make sure you are in a public place and the people you are watching do not know you are observing them. Watch the two individuals as they converse or interact for about five to ten minutes and make note of their artifactual communication, kinesics (gestures, body movements and posture), facial expressions, eye movements, proxemic (spatial messages), and haptics – touch communication (or lack of it). From your observations write a short two page detailed and descriptive essay – about 500 words -- about the nonverbal communication and the nature of the relationship that you observe. The essay must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Explain your choices. Be sure to integrate at least five terms from the chapter on nonverbal communication – such as the ones I underlined in this paragraph – 10 points will automatically be deducted if the book terms are not incorporated into the essay – not listed, but actually used correctly to describe part of the observation. The following questions should be answered within your essay: 1. What is the communication context? Describe the location, time of day, clothes each is wearing, gender of each, estimated age of each person, and any other relevant information to set up the observation. 2. What does the nonverbal communication of the individuals reveal to you? Give examples. 3. What is the relationship between the two people? What makes you think so? 4. Is there a more dominant member of the pair? What makes you think so? 5. What is the emotional state of the two persons? Why do you think so? 6. What have you learned as a result of this assignment? Is this useful? The book is understanding human communication Twelfth Edition source..
Name Tutor Course Date Nonverbal essay This conservation was observed in a local public park. It was around two o’clock in the afternoon. The conversation was between a young man in his late twenties and a lady probably in her mid-twenties. The man was wearing a khaki short with a checked shirt and a pair of rubber shoes. He also had a yellow cap and a tablet with headphones. The lady was in brown pants and white top with a beautiful flower at the front. The girl had a small pink umbrella and a small white handbag. She also had her mobile phone. They had some snacks beside them. In their conversation, there was use of non-verbal features. The first thing to note was that the boy talked more than the lady. The boy used his hands frequently while talking. I saw the boy use his fingers and hands to make some gestures. He also used body movements as he talked to the lady, perhaps he was telling her story. At some point, he moved his leg in the air. At one moment, he drew something in the air as he moved his hand up and down. The boy also made several gestures and postures as he was talking...
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