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All world cultures seem to have creation myths / stories… (Essay Sample)

This is a discussion assignment not an Essay. It's should be 500 words or more All world cultures seem to have creation myths / stories… Why is this? What patterns can we see among world creation myths and stories in general? Consider any two creation myths from our textbook and coursework. What are the similarities between the two? What are the differences? Be sure to name specific myths and their cultural origins when formulating your response. source..
[Name] [Instructor's name] [Course] [Date] Creation myths attempt to explain the origin of the universe and the components in it. Since it is in the nature of all human beings to wonder about the unknown and search for answers. Nearly all cultures around the world have creation myths associated with them. Despite the geographical barriers between the different cultures around the world, the creation myths somehow contain recurring elements. Creation myths are usually considered sacred accounts and can be found in many religious traditions. The fact that every culture around the world has a creation narrative associated with it shows how curious human beings are about their origins and their attempts to explain it. The aspect of birth occurs in most creation myths. This indicates the beginning of life which may be compared to the beginning of a child`s life. A supreme deity appears in most creation narratives. Sometimes there appears a passive and active deity in a narrative. For instance, Allah in the Muslim religion narrative appears as the ultimate creator. God appears in the Christian and Jewish Religion narratives. The three narrative have a strong resemblance in the sequence of events after creation and many characters are shared in the three narratives. Some myths are not set with the earth as the beginning of life. Some indicate that life began above or below where we currently live. Such are the diver-myths that claim the earth was covered in water and was brought up from the water. For instance, the Bushmen of Africa believed that they lived underground, after which Kaang, the Grand Master and Lord of all life created a world above the one they lived in, planted a tree through which people and animals were brought to the surface. The Hopi Indians also have a myth that moves in the same direction. They believe they lived in a world lower than the current ones and gradually moved upwards to worlds above the one they lived in until they came on the current on. The tree in the Bushmen culture also appears in the Hopi culture. The Japanese and Iroquois cultures however believe life began from above in the skies from which their ancestors descended. According to some cultures also, humans and animals lived in harmony until humans committed a ‘sin`. As a result, in some narratives, the innocence of man is taken away by the supreme deity. Such sins include: An instruction to not build a fire to the Bushmen by Kaang, An instruction from the Greek god Zeus to Epimetheus to not open the Pandora box and the Biblical story of Adam and Eve who were instructed to not eat from the tree of life. Disobedience to these instructions led to punishments from the supreme deities to the people who committed the sins. All these creation narratives were based on what people saw or heard. T...
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