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Handmaid's tale through feminist critical lens Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


For this essay:
Apply one of the critical lenses to the book you read (handmaids tale)
Analyze the book you read using the lens
Write a formal, expository, literary essay in response to the application of the critical lens to your novel
Your essay will:
Be 4 to 5 pages (1000 - 1250 words) in length
Be a demonstration of original thought -- this is not a research essay, and consulting external sources is not permitted
Rely on evidence from the text to support a thesis
Connect major points and ideas from the chosen critical theory to the topics, themes, and/or concepts in your book
Be submitted in MLA Format


Subject and section
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Feminism on the “Handmaid’s Tale”
In our contemporary society, women are often regarded as weak and fragile creatures, making them inferior to their opposite gender. Because of this, women are given fewer opportunities to explore the world and themselves. This confines them inside a shell where there are only a few things to be accomplished. This form of stereotyping has been carried out throughout centuries. In fact, prejudice against women still exists today. Because of this, many philosophers, especially the females, advocated for their rights in the society and this action initiated the concept of feminism which the philosophers illustrated both in reality and through fictional characters, like in novels. One of the fictional stories that portray feminism is the 1985 novel entitled, Handmaid’s Tale, written by Margaret Atwood. This paper analyzes this novel through the concept of feminism.
Atwood plotted the story in the 1980s where a totalitarian government replaced the government of the United States of America. Since the birth rate is low during this period, the government passed a law that allows couples who have difficulty in conceiving a child to hire a servant who will act as a sex slave for the husband while the wife is watching. All the women were denounced of their right to work, stating that their loyalty must only be directed to procreation (Atwood).

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