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The Great Gatsby Film Analysis Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Compare the film to the novel

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The Great Gatsby Film Analysis
The novel was initially published in the year 1925 by Fitzgerald and later, in the year 2013, Luhrmann did a rendition of the novel by producing a film known as the Great Gatsby. The novel and the film target very different audiences because the two have an age difference of 90 years. Therefore, this means that people in the modern world have been exposed to a lot of changes such as technology and, therefore, they deserve information which goes hand in hand with their interest. This has been represented by the film edition of the novel. Hence, I think that the film is better than the novel in regard to the elements that are not common in both the film and the novel because Luhrmann uses different devices to appeal to the target audience by interpreting the novel differently but in a manner that Fitzgerald would appreciate.
I think the film is better because it has summarized the whole novel into a short story that an individual can spent less time trying to understand it. Also, the film has eliminated some elements of character creation by omitting some of the events shown in the novel. A good example is revealed in the character known as Baker because the novel displays her as an athlete but the movie sums that idea by portraying her as having an affection for Nick in order to save time (Fitzgerald 1925). Hence the audience knows less about Baker which makes her an interesting character.
Luhrmann uses music to make the film more interesting because the target individuals are more enlightened with the world on technology as compared to the audience that were being targeted by the novel (Fitzgerald 1925). The film is presented like a costume party that is characterized by pop music which plays a substantial role in capturing the attention of the reader. He also, pairs the music with quiet moments in between the main characters that create a stylistic film that feels both “like” and “not like” the novel.
In regard to the scenes presented in the movie, I think that Luhrmann tried a lot in the creation of a new edition of the novel into a film. Hence Fitzgerald would applaud him for this because it is not easy to incorporate events of a whole novel into a film that takes only a few hours to pass the novel’s message. A good example is the scene that shows corruption. Luhrmann emphasizes it by a...
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