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Critical Analysis: Criminal Activities Within The Nations (Essay Sample)


Criminal Activities Within The Nations

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Critical analysis
Securing a nation’s border is one of the most important things to do because borders are used by other nations to carry out criminal activities within the neighboring nations. Hence, very nation ought to protect its borders. Over the past years, the trade between the US and Mexico has been a great source of income despite the fact of increased drug smuggling. Hence, this has resulted to the project of building a wall within the border. Given the example of the US planning to build a wall across the Mexican border, then it is critical to decide whether they should do it or not. Therefore, Noorani argues out that securing the borders requires serious measures and not just a wall. Noorani, therefore, gives various examples as to why the wall should not be built across the US-Mexican border.
Noorani states that a smart border management would play a substantial role if facilitating trade and the movement of the people within the US-Mexico border. Therefore, it’s not advisable for the US to build such a wall because they can still ensure maximum security along the US-Mexican border by deploying tight security. One of the key reasons to this is that building a wall does not guarantee full security because the criminals can still come up with a way of crossing the wall. Hence, this would have a waste of time and resources.
Also, Noorani argues out that securing the ports would be a great way of controlling trade. A free border facilitates trade within nations and therefore, police officers should be used to guard the border in order to be able to differentiate criminals from traders. Otherwise, the wall would block great opportunities and in turn increasing the cost of trade between the two nations (Karaim 2016). Exportation and importation may turn out to be done through air transportation which is costly as compared to other means such as the free movement of people with their cargo. Hence, criminal can still be prevented from entering the border by not building a world. Mexico is one of largest US trading partners and therefore, disrupting the partnership might lead to negative effects on the US economy.
Noorani argues that the average cost of constructing a wall is great. A lot of economic activities require money in order to be carried out. As well, the process of building the wall is costly than the idea of having police officers monitoring the border. Therefore, it would be a great idea to use that money in other important projects that will aid in the economic growth of the US. An alternative to the wall exists and has been there for ages. Hence, the US government has the obligation of tightening the security along the US-Mexico border to ensure that they have eliminated the is...
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