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Going Abroad Makes Me Grow Up: Decisions (Essay Sample)


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Going abroad makes me Grow Up
People go abroad for different reasons. Some go for vacations, others to advance their careers, others to tour different places, and others also go to study. Since my childhood days, I always wanted to visit other countries and to have the different experiences. I wanted to experience the different cultures and also be a part of the world outside. However, I had never had the opportunity and every time something seemed to go wrong. Once people visit other countries, they come back changed and with a different mindset. I admired them and sought for the same experience. While reading online blogs and other articles, different advantages about going abroad are discussed and outlined. However, for me, I believe one of the greatest advantage of going abroad was that I grew up. The trip to another country helped me to understand things with a different mindset and to also have a broad perspective of the world. The truth is, there is a lot of information in the world and for one to have a wholesome opinion, it is crucial that one absorbs opinions and information regarding issues in the world. While I cannot fully and objectively say that I have changed everything about me, I believe I have grown and my perspective of the world has been reformed and this is essence of this article.
One of the reasons why I say that I have grown is that I see myself as part of the action (Evans). While studying at home or in the local colleges, the world and events around seem far away and one’s perspective is indeed local. In a country like the US, the UK, France, etc., one is directly impacted by the events of the day. The exchange rates in the world, the elections around the world seem to be important and relevant to my life. Aside from elections, protests also seem to influencing my life in different ways. Being local limited my participation in the world. I felt sidelined and on different occasions, I came to learn about certain events weeks or months later. I had access to local news channels, and never seem to know when different things happen around me. However, going abroad helped me to be a part of the action and nothing seemed to pass me by.
Living abroad also helped me make certain decisions which I would not have otherwise been able to make them on my own. Life is full of choices which seem to impact or direct a person’s life. These decisions need to be made carefully and one needs to be informed before doing anything. While abroad, one is pushed to be the person who makes certain life’s decisions which would otherwise have been left for the parents or guardians. In another country and with no one to consider or call a parent or

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