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The Kids Don't Play Anymore by Margaret Wente Critique Assignment (Essay Sample)


Please print out the assignment instructions and read them very carefully. No extensions or second chances will be given if you interpret the information incorrectly. You must follow the format in the instructions. This is not a 5 paragraph essay. It's written rather like a report and should have at least 400 words. If you write it like an essay you will lose 50% of the mark. You should be using the subheadings as shown in the outline example. Do not include the questions and do not use bullets (point form). Do not use Wikipedia for research as it is not a reliable source. If you have to go outside the article use academic sources for further information.There are 2 readings and you must chose ONE only to do the critique. The readings are "Self Serving Propaganda" and "The Kids Don't Play Anymore" which are attached.You are commenting on the authors and again this is not a 5 paragraph essay. Its a report. You want to have an opinion on the authenticity, relevancy, currency and importance of the writing and not what solutions are. The only place you offer a personal opinion is on whether you agree or disagree with the author and say why.


The Kids Don't Play Anymore by Margaret Wente
The Kids Don't Play Anymore is authored one of the renowned journalists, Margret Wente. In the article, the author brings out the strain that most of the children go through today and the changes that have come up with reference to parenting. Children are no longer allowed the freedom to find their own path as they are constantly guided by their guardians losing themselves in the process (Wente, Margaret).
The article lists a number of aspects that that the author is trying to bring out one of the being the fact that children no longer have the chance to play on their own terms. They always in controlled environments, where they do not have the chance to actually play. Growing up, children are used to doing what they are told and from an early age are trained how to live in an environment that is structured. Lack of the autonomy to make their own choices, the children are prone to developing health complications mentally (Wente, Margaret). From an early age, they are trained to develop the right resume, taking part in a myriad of activities, which push them into an even more structured society, where they no longer have control over their lives and what they want. Earlier on parents would leave their children to make their own choices, which meant that from an early age they would learn to become independent in thought and action (Wente, Margaret). Young children at the age of ten, were able to babysit their siblings. Today a fifteen-year-old has to confirm with their parent whether th

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