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Types of Friends Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


This is a classification essay. Please, follow the uploaded instruction. Highlight the thesis statement with yellow highlighter.


English 1301 8-week Essay #2 Due Date: Thursday, February 20
Reminder: Essay must be turned into me by hand. I do not accept essays in the hallway, in my box, under my office door, or via email. I accept them in class and during class.
Write a classification essay. Divide a subsection of people (or other ANIMATE objects: you may use dogs or angels, but not events, structures, strategies, styles, or types ot things that are constructed) into three or four groups. Your thesis (that is, the LAST sentence of your introductory paragraph) may starts as follows: “There are three (or four types of)
Your topic sentences (first sentence of each body paragraph, unless you have a VERY good reason) presumably will be something like, “The first type is the ..
You will be graded on the originality and specificity of your concrete details, the sophistication of your sentences, the coherence and unity of your paragraphs, plus punctuation and grammar.
If you are looking for a good grade in this class, be SPECIFIC, be DETAILED.
1000 words
Double-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font, staple in upper right-hand corner No folded essays, no crumpled essays


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Types of Friends
There is an internal nudge in people that compels them to live in a society where they can freely interact and share with others. This has been in existence since time immemorial. Notably, the various social relations among people forms friendship of different natures. Friends are undeniable a result of a mutual affection between two or more people. Friendship is as a result of sharing a strong interpersonal bond. There exist different types of friendships as defined by different scholars whereby some agree while others disagree on its precise nature. However, Aristotle considers three main different types of friends. His classification of friendship may not seem revolutionary but he makes quite insightful points that are shrewd and profound enough to manifest the truth about the nature of man as a social animal. According to him, human beings are naturally bound to make three types of friends including utility friends, pleasure or delight friends, and virtuous friends.
The first and most common type, known as utility friends is characterized by people who are in a relationship only because they want to benefit from one another. The friends involved in this kind of friendship do not hold any affection for the other because they are purely based on exchange of benefits. By nature, such friends are selfishly motivated and self-regarding such that because these friends mutually benefit, the friendship dies when the perceived satisfaction or benefits are not met or go unfulfilled.

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