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The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal (Essay Sample)

Argumentation Paper: -Thesis must be clearly stated early in the paper. -Must use research for support. -Paper must include a conventional introduction, conclusion, transitions, and documentation. -Please use quotes and sources. Please Include a Reasearch log which will concist of: -A working bibliograpghy (All the source documentation you looked at, wether used in the final draft or not. This will look just like a Works Cited Page) -Source notes (Direct quotes, key ideas, facts, statistics, anecdotal evidence) -Drafts and ideas (Outlines, prewriting, personal experience notes, early drafts) source..
Name Professor Course Date Production and Sale of Cigarettes Should Be Made Illegal Whether you are a non-smoker, two-park-a-day smoker or a chain smoker, it is evident that the tobacco industry has been having booming sales for the decades that it has been in the market. The love for cigarettes has been intense over time even though it has adverse side effects. However, during the past few years, opinions and views of cigarettes have changed over time. The same movie stars, sportsmen that endorsed advertisements on cigarettes smoking are nowadays reluctant to do the same after their realization of the dangerous effects of cigarettes. There are more than 400 ingredients in cigarettes than create more than 3,000 harmful chemicals when burned (Fong, 32). Moreover, smoking is considered an anti-social habit and smokers most of the time are alienated when seen smoking in public places (Sessa, 56). It will therefore be a good move for both the sale and smoking of cigarettes to be banned not only in one country but in as many countries as possible thereby scraping the act from the surface of the earth in the years to come. Health Effects Many individuals, especially smokers will question the stand of declaring cigarettes illegal around the globe. It is not a secret any more that cigarette smoking results to huge numbers of deaths annually and to general negative heath effects. The percentage of nicotine in four cigarettes is high to the extent of being able to kill an average adult when consumed .The number of deaths due to smoking "could be a million annually and is over a billion in the 21st century" (Fong, 44). Most of the numbers are of direct smokers whose habits affect their health and therefore increase their chances of dying as a result of smoke related diseases. Cancer, respiratory diseases, kidney dysfunctions, coronary heart disease and many other known diseases all over are tied to smoking. A well trained medical practitioner can bac...
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