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Aegean Culture; Early Greece; Classical; and Hellenistic Greece (Essay Sample)

The topic of my paper is Aegean Culture; Early Greece; Classical; and Hellenistic Greece. You need to focus this project around the following cultural theme: Positive & Negative developments in Western Culture. Questions: What artistic, political, technological, economic, social, philosophical, religious, and military developments were shaped by different Western Cultures? How did they change the world? Are developments keeping pace today with our ability to responsibly use them? Who controls these developments(gate keepers)? Is there oversight of these developmental \"gate keepers?\" You can use up to 4 sources for this project. Please DO NOT forget to include the bibliography/works cited on a 5th page. Thank you. source..
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Aegean Culture; Early Greece; Classical; and Hellenistic Greece
When referring to the western civilization most people are quick to think about the western states in America and Europe. However what most fails to know is that western civilization started during the Greek and Roman civilizations and then spread to the western nations who have been carrying it on since. Western civilization which is the modernization of states from the traditional method of life to the modern one was spread around the world by the western states through association with other states, conquests and colonization. Westernization was formed from three distinct traditions: the classical culture of Greece and Rome, the Christianity religion and the enlightenment of the modern era (Kurth 5).
Like all the things that happen in the world it came with its heavy price, western civilization has both its positive and negative impacts in the world to both the pioneers of the civilization and its beneficiaries. The western civilization was able to promote the development and advancement of different cultures; it also helped nations to do away with some of their primitive cultures and promoted education which helped most people with the awareness of their humanity, individualization and nature. In simple terms western culture broadened the mind and view of the human race to a world that they never knew existed at all.
With these developments of the western culture it would be hard for one to see that such a culture would have any negative impact in the world. As much as the culture brought something good that helped the people, it too came with its prices. The knowledge that westernization brought to all these countries turned back at them with most of their colonies fighting them for independence and the other nations started fighting the western countries for supremacy. The western culture also made the people forget about their cultures and adopt the same culture all over this made the distinctions of cultures to disappear and the uniqueness of cultures that made the word diverse to varnish as all people were adapting to the same western culture.
At this point we will take a look of all the developments that the western cultures made to the world under the following subheadings: artistic, political, technological, economic, social, philosophical, religious and military developments.
Artistic Developments these are the developments that were brought to the world of art by the western culture. The practice of art like music, dancing, poetry, visual art, architecture and stories were already in existence before westernization but what westernization did was to modify these artistic features in a western way that made then even more appealing. Westernization saw the emergence of artistic eras like romantism and art re...
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