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A Short Story in a Fictional World: Cultural Diversity in The Modern World (Essay Sample)


Final Paper

You may choose one of the following for your final course paper.
Cultural Diversty Modrn World E02
Write a short story in a fictional world built over the course of the semester.
The short story must utilize most of the components you created throughout the term in a meaningful way.
It must be 3000 – 8000 words in length
You may not use anyone else’s fictional world (no fanfiction)
You must use standard writing conventions including grammar, dialogue tags, and other expected practices in a college-level course.


A Short Story in a Fictional World: Cultural Diversity in The Modern World
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A Short Story in a Fictional World
At seven years old, Charlotte did not understand why some people were referred to as African Americans and others as white Americans. Charlotte had the notion that as far as a person lived in the United States, he/she was an American. However, she occasionally heard some people being referred to as Black Americans, while others were referred to as white Americans. Charlotte often thought that maybe, individuals who are known as African Americans belonged to Africa and America continents. Also, she thought that perhaps those who were referred to as African Americans had visited America for a while and would go back to Africa one day. She had heard her peers at school, explaining how they toured Africa during the vacation. Also, she had heard that the people living in Africa were very different from those who lived in the United States. Unfortunately, she had not visited Africa, and thus, she did not know more about Africans. Although she had visited different cities in America, she had not travelled outside America. Charlotte knew that her mother was an African America, and her father was white, although she did not understand what an African American meant being.
It was on Saturday evening when Audrey, Charlotte’s mother, decided to help her with the homework. The homework required Charlotte to draw a picture of her based on observations of her reflection in a mirror. Also, the homework had some sentence starters that asked her to describe her hair texture and color, her eye color, and her skin color. The homework required children to learn different vocabulary words that they could use to describe the differences. Audrey felt uncomfortable, but she understood that children, at the age of two years, acknowledge their differences, and therefore, it was important for children to learn explicitly about racial and race differences. Also, creating awareness among children about racial diversity would enable them to embrace their differences, and prevent them from excluding those of different races from school activities and play. Audrey also understood that it was important for parents and teachers to create safe spaces for the children to examine the topic, given the current cultural and political climate, where the ethnic issues are more visible. Therefore, parents and teachers have the responsibilities to learn with children and teach them about the complex and ethnic issues related to ethnic and racial differences.

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