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Symbolism in The Racing-Horse Winner (Essay Sample)

Symbolism in "The Rocking-Horse Winner" Discuss some symbolism that you found in the story. Please remember that a symbol is what it is, but something more. In your essay, explain how this symbolism enhances the story and leads the reader to the theme. You will need to use some literary criticism from the library or Internet. . Do not use Spark Notes or any other kind of study aid as a source. Requirements: 1. Your essay needs to be 3 pages long. 2. Use at least 3 other sources for this essay. 3. Your works cited must be done correctly in MLA style and needs to be the last page of the paper. 4. Write this essay in the third person—do not use “I” or “you” or “we” or “us” in your writing. Make sure you mention in the introduction of your essay, the title and the author of the literary piece you will be analyzing. The title of the story goes in quotation marks. As you discuss the story within your essay, remember not to confuse the narrator and the author; they are two different individuals. Do not write plot summaries or a story review; these will definitely jeopardize your grade. - Page length will be 3 pages, double-spaced, in Times Roman, font size 12. - Your purpose is to interpret or explain. - Standard American English—You paper must follow the basic conventions of standard American written English (correct mechanics, punctuation, spelling). - Be sure to use present tense when you discuss fictional events in a story. Do not write plot summaries or a story review; these will definitely jeopardize your grade Underline thesis statement. Use proper format when using direct quotes from other sources. source..
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Symbolism in “The Rocking-Horse Winner”
“The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D.H Lawrence is a story that focuses on a young boy who bets on race horses, to a lucky end. The predictions made by Paul are an attempt to earn the appreciation and happiness of his mother who is constantly cribbing about money in the house. All the symbols in the book follows one family’s material needs which are in direct contradiction to the endless wants of the family. Paul sees himself and his horse as the only way source to lead the family out of this poverty stint. The end of the story each part of the story is loaded with undertones and symbolism.
The first depiction of these undertones is clearly visible in the language that is used in the book. The author ensures that the dialogue conveys the feeling and mood of the book to the reader. The whispers in the house are one of the strongest appearances of this heavy symbolism in “The Rocking-Horse Winner.” The words “There must be more money!” are continuously repeated in the book (Lawrence, 2007). They depict the greed and materialism that has become a constant force in the house. The repetition shows how Paul’s mother and her continuous need for money have become such a strong constant in the book. The resonating feeling of gluttony and indulgence is evident in the book. Thus, the whispering in the book portrays the exact feeling that is needed to show the cause of all problems in the book: frustration that has been led on by an insatiable greed.
The names of the characters in the book are heavy in symbolism. Many literary pieces choose names of characters that are in direct tandem to the work of other authors. Thus, while reading the book, an avid reader can draw comparisons between the names and qualities of the two characters with the same name. The first name is that of Paul’s mother Hester. A comparison can be drawn between her and Hester from “Scarlett Letter” (Hawthorne, 2005). This Hester breaks off all the laws set down by society and portrays sexua...
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