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An essay on analysis of The Sparkling-Eyed Boy book (Essay Sample)

MLA format, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1200-1500 words. Analyze either the work as a whole or one small portion of the text (major themes work). Short paragraph-long introduction and thesis sentence, at least five textual references (quotes with citations), conclusion isn't necessary. This is intended to be a short analysis paper. REQUIRE A DRAFT 24 Hours source..

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An essay on analysis of The Sparkling-Eyed Boy book
This is a real life experience story from an award winning author by the name Amy Benson. She tells her story of a sparkling eyed boy whom she met in her summer vacation on the shores of the St. Mary's River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. A boy who would do anything for her while she never took notice, "I have dreams about you. This is what I will tell the sparkling eyed boy" (Pg. 12). Ironically, she felt the opposite for the sparkling eyed boy and was busy falling for another boy who did not even care about her. Then, she was in her teenage years and did not notice the love that the sparkling-eyed boy had for her. This essay analyzes "The Sparkling-Eyed Boy' as a whole highlighting the major themes of the work with an aim of providing an overview and an insight into the amazing themes brought forth in the literary work.
It is when the years moved on that the role reversed she was the one falling for the sparkling-eyed boy. This time the boy had already married and the situation was kind of tricky. She makes the reader understand the situation of not taking any interest on someone who treats you as a queen while you are taking interest of another who is treating you like trash. In other words Amy was busy collecting stones while all along the diamond was with her all along in her teenage years.
The setting of the books takes place in Suburban Detroit which was Amy Benson`s home when she was a child. Amy used to take summer vacation on the shores of the St. Mary's River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to be more specific The Mackinac Bridge, "Some people who live far from the Great Lakes don't know that Michigan comes in two pieces disconnected by water. The Lower Peninsula looks like a mitten, a comfort to trolls far away from home....." (Pg. 3). This is the place where she met with the sparkling eyed boy, the boy who came to bring back bitter-sweet memories in her later years.
The language in this book is very captivating. It makes the reader want to excavate deeper and deeper into how the events are unfolding themselves in the book for instance in Pg. (5) " Even though my sister and I wore hand-me-downs and home-made pants, we lived in Detroit and read National Geographic, we'd been to both coasts-....". The poetical approach to the language makes it even more desirable to be read. One wants to know where this summer love story is taking him/her.
Amy uses metaphors to describe situations in a very imaginative way. One example is when she compares her sister and herself as fresh meat to the local boy. This kind of comparison would make the reader want to continue reading the book so that he/she can get to know why they were ‘fresh meat` to the boys.
Amy Benson uses the art of instant twists of events what is known as in her book. This is brought out when she starts having feelings...
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