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The Corruption of Power within Animal Farm (Essay Sample)


The source should be only Animal Farm written by George Orwell. Which means the citations should regarding to the novel.


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Topic: Corruption of power within Animal Farm
Argumentative Essay – The Corruption of Power within Animal Farm
Animal Farm is one of the most famous satirical works on equality and politics, symbolized by barnyard animals who are living free from the tyranny of their masters. Written by George Orwell in 1945, the work contains the story of animals on Mr. Jones' Manor Farm, who are inspired by an old boar, Major, to rebel (Rich, n.d). They start a revolution by embracing animalism so as to attain their ideal state of justice and progress. However, the pig named Napoleon who is portrayed to be power hungry becomes a totalitarian dictator and leads the entire Farm into oppression. Animal Farm is an allegory which symbolizes the Russian Revolution of 1917 as well as represents the early years of the Soviet Union. The work reflects communism where Mr. Jones represents the Russian Czar and Manor farm is allegorical of Russia.
Majority of Orwell's time was spent amongst the commoners and the disfavored in England, which led him to believe that the only solution for the societal issues such as poverty lay in socialism – a concept which dictates the economic and political philosophy to be ruled by the state, where production and distribution is shared equally amongst all members of the nation who can then share in all the rewards and profits alike. Furthermore, in direct opposition to capitalism which posits the states production and distribution to be entirely owned by private concerns, socialism requires the government to be in direct control of the nation's economy and therefore lia

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