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Critical Thinking: The case of Animal Rights (Coursework Sample)


This Course is philosophy-introduction to critical thinking. we need to read a philosophical article, then find the thesis statement. the important point is argument reconstruction which is reconstruct the natural language argument in standard form, and explain the logic of argument.Also give some objection to the argument.
The second problem is the key, which is written as a standard form
I gave you an example of this job but it is a different article. You can refer to it. Thank you.


Introduction to Critical Thinking
[Name of the Student]
[Name of the Institute]
Article – The case of Animal Rights
Thesis Statement and Conclusion
It has been perceived that the author has significantly argued for the rights of animal and focused on the elimination of the use of animals in scientific experiments, commercial animal agriculture, and commercial, sport hunting, and trapping.
Argument Reconstruction
Tom Regan, the author of the case study states the equal rights of animals, specifically in his immense rational effort “The case for animal rights”. The writer critiques three diverse notions reefing to the honest rights along with the place of animals. In the unintended duty approach, it has been stated that individuals have no responsibilities towards animals, but on the other hand, humans are concerned for animals. The author argues this particular approach to be unacceptable due to the fact that mistreating animals does not just upset individuals. In another approach, Reagan explained the vindictiveness kindness perspective. This perspective prominently explains that the behavior of human beings towards animals is fine as long as people are not cruel to them. The author argued that everyone has inherent value and it is wrong to treat any living thing with value as a resource.
Standard form:
* There are people who admit and accept the importance of animal rights, but they do not declare these aims. (EP)
* An important system which permits people to use the animal as their resource for testing or other usages should be deliberated as wrong, animals are here just because people can eat them. (EP)
* This perspective should be comprehended from a broader point of view. (IP)
* To focus on animal rights it is essential to rather treat farm animals in a more humane manner. (EP)
* This significantly requires the exceptional and complete ending of commercial animal agriculture. (IP)
* According to the point of view of different philosophers, animals do not feel anything and on the other hand, others deliberate that the pain of human can be morally relevant. (EP)
* These thinking ideas are considered and favored as contractarianism. (EP)
* People direct a duty which is to be kind to animals and not to be cruel to them because they hold their own rights. (EP)
* Cruelty in all its guises is considered as a bad thing as well as it is a tragic human failing. (EP)
* These people do not fall into the category of cruel people, but they are the sadistic individuals. (IP)
* Utilitarian has substantially accepted two moral principles:

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