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Animals Retina Concept: The Anatomy Of Animals (Essay Sample)


Topic: Animal retina
Detail topic: explain what does Robert Macfarlane want to tell you through the animal retina from the chapters of “peat” and “snow”. What is the concept of it? What is the connection of it? What does animals retina mean in this two chapter, what message or lesson does the author want to give out?
I want my writer to briefly know a little background info of the book called“ the old way” by Robert Macfarlane. I think it will help my writer write the essay. And also I will upload two pictures of the book which include the animal retina and other few pictures which may help the essay as an example.
Length of the essay: 550-600 words
Remember: put some quotes from the book into the essay when writing it as evidence.


Animals Retina




Animals Retina

Traveling the world gives us new experiences and lasting memories, many people document their travel experiences in detail which reveals their emotional connection with nature. Similarly, like Robert Macfarlane in his book "The Old Ways" presents his deep connection of human nature when he visits different places with beautiful natural landscapes. In his book, he takes the reader through his long journey from the Down of England to the bird's islands in Scotland and from Palestine to the landscape of Spain and the Himalayas. Macfarlane discovers paths that offer more than the meaning of navigating through life, he presents the feeling of such experience, revealing how nature mirrors our emotional response towards nature.

His journey experience includes viewing different landscapes and paths, in one of his encounters; he describes a large pelted animal sloping across the snow. When describing the peat and snow, he reveals the many opportunities and the ability of both humans and animals to adjust to the natural surroundings the how natural features are important in the process of making adjustments. The animal retina concept informs the reader about the anatomy of animals and the meaning of tapetum lucidum. His description of a Panthers' eyes to be "the yellow glaring eyes like a lamp from the Hawthorn and the shadows"(303), does not just explain why animal eyes glow in low light, he compares animal retina to human reaction towards nature. 

In his detailed description, Macfarlane presents the function of tapetum lucidum is like a mirror

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