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Civil Engineering and Architects 2 (Essay Sample)

I will attach all the information including the book, its from chapter 2 source..
Civil Engineering and Architects
Marc Isambard Brunel was a pioneer civil engineer in the early 19th century who helped to transform engineering in the modern world. His work has assured the modern engineers to anticipate and respond to evolving societal needs by addressing the present and foreseeing significant trends in civil engineering profession. Brunel is cared for because his work addressed the modern issues which have permitted globalization sustainability and emergence of new technologies (Beamish, 67). Brunel possessed the artist perspective on landscape as he usually planned his work that complimented the surrounding. The suspension bridge mage by Brunel in Bristol tested his skills and qualities. Brunel had an impact to society as his work eased efforts both socially and economically. After completion of his projects which had a significant impact to the society, many potential engineers were motivated by his profession that prompted his son Kingdom Brunel to become a civil engineer taking over from his father.
The Brunel’s works were aimed at solving societal issues socially and economically. Their profession during that time enhanced societies to compete socially and economically since the tunnel and the first suspension bridge opened the way forward for modern constructions to bridge different societies having different resources to interact. There was intense competition between ports in order to maintain business and capturing of substantial trade and economic prosperity (Beamish, 71). Brunel enhanced a continued evolution of civil engineering through increased specialization and advancement in understanding of methods and materials together with development of new technologies. Many unforeseen changes started to take place which stirred the industrial revolution. The Brunel’s transformed the landscape and the livelihood of people as they raised the venture capital in building new ideas and technology. Bridges tunnels and ships transformed the lives of the global society as journeys were shortened and journeys overseas became affordable because of steam driven vessels.
The Brunel’s were workaholic and they usually persevered to see their projects are complete. They had industrial visionary and they inspired their work and designs that complimented to the landscape. They had hectic lives that had sequences of ambition; high risk and project that involved design and work with new technology in an effort to deal with intricate of investors and funding. The Brunel did not dive in even after facing challenges as they were committed to complete their projects once started. Their commitment to work saw their project being completed and other engineers made effort in pursuing this profession since it improved the social and economical livelihood of the society (Hanssen and Zenobia, 48). The work of Brunel saw the establishment of railways linking different cities to London port a...
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