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A Day in the City of Nagasaki (Essay Sample)

* Investigate internet sites or books write a paper on " A day in the city of xxx" 1. you need to write the reason why you have selected this particular city. 2. plan what you want to do for one day in the city of your choce, other than Tokyo. choose the city that has some historical/political/business/educational importance. 3. your starting point is the train station of your selected city, and you need to write down your itenerary. you need to provide how to get to places in you itinerary, main attraction and/or themes (or importance ) of the place, and approximate duration of your visit there. If there is any entrance fee, you need to mention it as well. *Please including the bibliography (web addresses and books) that you used. source..
Lecturer’s Name:
A Day in the City of Nagasaki
The Itinerary
8am to 10 am
10am to 12pm
12pm to 1pm
1pm to 3pm
3pm to 6pmActivityVisiting the Glover Garden and the Atomic Bomb MuseumVisiting the China townVisiting DejimaGoing for lunch and visiting the Temple WalkVisiting the Spectacles Bridge
The city of chosen is Nagasaki. There are many reasons, which made me, select the city. Nagasaki is one of the most picturesque cities in Japan. It is gathered in the crevices and tucks of steep hills, which rise from, a narrow, long harbor shaped like a crane during flight. The city is not that ancient. On the contrary, it contains very compelling sights. Its major attraction is found in its easy going attitude and a queer cosmopolitan culture (Virtual tourist, par 3). This originates from a long time with foreigners within which Japan was shut from the rest of the world. This was enhanced by the city’s isolation from Tokyo. The city would have remained an attractive and a pleasant city coupled with a bursting harbor supposing an atomic bomb dropped during the Second World War had not happened. The main reason for selecting the city was the Atomic Bomb Centre and the adjacent museum. Additionally, progressive Dutch, Chinese, British and Portuguese communities have left their various symbols within the city. This has taken place due to the construction of catholic churches and European houses found in Glover Garden.
Additionally, they left marks of various festivals and imported cuisines. In spite of efforts to terminate European import, the Catholic faith, the city still remains as the centre of Christianity for Japan. Likewise, it was very possible to cover the key areas of the Atomic Centre and the Glover Garden within a single day (Nagasaki Travel guide, par 5). On the contrary, it required an additional night to explore the backstreet of the city, experience its atmosphere and sample out some of the culinary treats of the city.
The principal sights in Nagasaki are broadly spread. They begin from the north with the Peace Park to the saddening but informative museum for the Atomic Bomb Centre. From this point, there is a train ride to the Nagasaki station. In addition, there is a gentle stroll along the Nishizaka slopes. This begins from the 26 Martyrs’ Memorial down to Suwa-jinja which is the most imposing shrine in Nagasaki. The focal point was the Central Business District. The district contained a collection of quiet temples like the Sofuku-ji. The temple was founded by the Chinese city community. The Chinatown consisted of vibrant and compact grid of streets. On the west, there was the former Dutch enclave of Dejima. The place was commemorated with scale model of the ancient settlement and a museum (Smith, 34).
The city had also other fascinating features. In the Far East, many European houses have been conserved on the former concession of hilltop. ...
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