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Summary of Real World (Essay Sample)

All information is attached.. all information should be from SacState handbook (pg153-156) its already attached.. thanks a lot Summary of “Real World Writing” After completing the reading activity on “Real World Writing: What Employers Expect” (pages 153-156 in the Sac State Writing Handbook in SacCT Class Files), write a formal summary of it. - Your introduction should identify the article by author, title, and year, intended audience and purpose and should include this sentence: “This is a summary of Linville's article ‘Real World Writing: What Employers Expect.'” - Follow the principles of summary wherein you present the main ideas, focusing on the points you feel to be most relevant. - Do NOT include any commentary, interpretation, personal opinion, or examples or points that are not in the text. - Quotation should be used sparingly. Be sure to include a page number for any citations you use. - This paper does not need a conclusion. - Word choice and sentence structure should be formal and academic. - Include a complete citation at the end in a style manual of your choice (see Class References in SacCT Class Files for the citation in APA & MLA format). - Include a word count at the end. Suggested word count: 250 words. - Title the beginning of the assignment with  your name,  your instructor's name (Linville)  the date that draft was written  the name of the assignment as it appears on the assignment sheet - Submit a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. ===== source..
Name:Shehab Abdulwahed
Instructor: Linville
Date: January 10, 2013
Summary of Real World
The article by Linville argues that most college graduates are not quite prepared for on the job writing. Most graduates think that, once they graduate they will not need any writing skills since their courses do not entail much writing, but, according to the article they are quite wrong. This is a summary of Linville’s article “Real World Writing: What Employers Expect” (Linville, 2009).
Most corporations consider an employee’s writing skills when hiring professional employees. One of the participants in the survey stated that the applicants who submit poorly written letters never get an interview since the staffing department would never pass a low q...
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