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The Nightmare (Essay Sample)

I am taking an English 300 as an online course. I want somebody who is willing to do everything from now on until the end of the semester. I want somebody who is always log in to the website and check it frequently. I will attach everything needed. The instructor seems to have guidelines that she needs us to follow. Please follow them and do exactly like what she asks. in the attachments, you will find the assignments and their due dates, please do the very first one for the time being. For the rest of the assignments, I will raise another orders sometime this week. Important notes: Please download and save the attachments since you will need them later on I am from Saudi Arabia and majoring in Electrical Engineering. The main thing for me is to follow her instructions as stated on the attachments. In addition, you may need to read my earlier messages so everything to be clear. One more thing, Please use some basic and simple terms. As you know, I am an international student, I don't want the instructor to notice that the terms can't be used by an international one or been written by a native writer. I have attached the first Monday Assignment- Please do this assignment using the same tune and pattern. Your job this time is to do the second Monday assignment source..
The Nightmare
Strolling in the park on a Saturday afternoon with my father reminds me of his stories as we sat on the ground watching the water in the river flow. It was a routine every Saturday afternoon while on a walk in the park to listen to thrilling stories that got me scared. Why lie, my father was the best storyteller I have ever met. Apparently, he could tell stories to everyone as long as they got along. While some would call him a liar, I called him imaginative. I was impressed by his creativity and ever-changing episodes of his stories. My father would sit with me for hours late into the night spinning a tale after another that I would recall for my entire life. I look at him today and as even as he grows older; I still remember one of his stories that got my attention; one of the continued adventures of a nightmare that kept recurring in his dreams.
He began with a horrific scare in his face as if he remembered the face of the ugly, toothless monster in his dream. It took him years to get over it as a child until he was 16 years. He lived in a small house near the riverbank with his mother, and the nightmare kept recurring every night of his early years. At age seven, he dreamt frequently of the nightmare that appeared in his dreams. While playing at the living room with h...
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