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Tissue Donation (Essay Sample)

Your Job is to decide where you stand on tissue ownership. Should the donor still have right to make decision for their tissue or should the researcher have all the rights regarding the tissue sample. (If possible please read "The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks") - Use Three sources(one Scholarly, one popular, one either) to cite in the paper. Potential Structure for the Research Paper Introduction -Scence. Statistic. case Study. Quotation. End with your thesis (1-2 sentences). TAKE A STAND ON THE ISSUE Background -imagine a college-educated audience who has no knowledge of this subject. How can you get these readers up to speed quickly? Propose A Change -Things need to change from the way they are now (Status quo). What change doe you want? why? What are some problems caused by the status quo? (This question might need a separate paragraph.) What would this change look like? (This question might also need a separate paragraph.) Discuss consequences of the Status Quo and/or your proposed Change -What are the deeper consequences here? Why does this issue mater so much? Why would your change be a good thing? CONTRAST -Do you have opposition? Do some people(or groups) LIKE the status quo? Do some people want more radical change? Do some people want more conservative change? Can you quote some of these people? How do they see this issue? REFUTATION -Why should we not listen to the other side? Explain why they are wrong. CONCLUDE -How great will things be when we listen to you? How will the world be a better place if we implement the change you want? What happens if we don't listen to you? source..
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Over the years since it`s scientifically discovery tissue donation has aroused mixed feelings in people with a lot of controversial opinions been raised per every different individual. A case in point will be the one for Henrietta Lacks otherwise known to doctors around the world as HeLa. It is reported that part of her tissues were removed from her body with the least of her knowledge (Skloot). Although this act has been of great help to many generations with the tissues been used for practical medical purposes and with positive results in diseases such as polio, I don`t think it a good idea that the tissues were removed from her body when she was really suffering without her prior knowledge. Personally I refuse to accept this as the case and I think clearly that the donor tissue should have the right and legitimacy to make sound decision about his/her tissue even if in the presence of other family members.
The case here is very simple and to elaborate it I would like to spend some more time to explain it to understanding. Tissue donation is a trend now in our medical faculty and needless to state, it is clearly evident that it helps heal a lot of people around the world and add as few days to their lives in instances that they would have been departed. Much as it is a good discovery, there are some instances of it that might make the masses sick and put off. This is the ignorance that the medical practitioners show to the individuals suffering from a chronic diseases and who would probably die. It has been reported that doctors taker this as a golden opportunity to take some tissues from this individuals and do trade with the tissues at the expense of this individual and worse still without the prior consent of the individual.
Now this is the state of things which to me is very horrible and I personally think there is need for a change from this state of happenings to a more professional and caring state where a suffering individual will be briefed of his/her condition and asked to contribute to saving another needy person`s life by donating part of his/her tissue to be used. In case the patient is so sick and can`t make a sound decision, the family should be consulted and left to decide on that.
There are a number of problems caused by the status quo which is the obtaining of tissue cells from patient and putting them into research for a later economic benefit at the expense of the patients. For instance another case in point is that for a patient named Moore whose tissues were used for economic purpose by a doctor after his treatment without the doctor having shown prior economic interest and informed the patient (Baulig). Therefore, a change should be instituted such that, all medical practitioners are obligated by law to reveal their inte...
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