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Assignment 5: Traffic Safety In Our Life Final Paper (Essay Sample)


please combine my old essay. My first paper is about 500 essay now, please incorporate it into 1300 words paper. And please check my grammar.

Kaijun Xu
Course: WRTG 312
Pro. Courtney Zoffness
Date: Feb. 26th
Assignment 5
Traffic safety is an ordinary problem in our life. When I was in high school, I saw a traffic accident on the road, which is still vivid in my mind.
That was a sun-drenched weekend, and my mood was good. I felt pleased because that day was my best friend's birthday and she invited me to accompany her to buy stuff that would be used for her birthday party. In the afternoon, after I finished lunch, I dressed up and went out.
I walked towards the shopping mall. Then, I was walking leisurely on the sidewalk when I heard a loud crash of two vehicles just at the T-junction about 10 meters away. I craned my neck to see what happened in reality; two taxis crashed together. I went up and found that the two taxis were badly damaged. Both hoofs were out of shape. One door of a car was knocked off and lying on the road. One driver was bleeding, but he still could get out of the car, and the other was trapped in the taxi. Although the two drivers were injured, they still argued with each other.
I went forward hurriedly without any thinking, trying to help the driver get out of the damaged car, and my clothes were stained with a little blood. Some people helped me, and a middle-aged man called to the traffic police. When we held the driver, I was astonished that he was still emotional. "Haven't you got eyes in your head?" He yelled, "It was already red light!" At this time another driver was sitting on the ground, he also yelled angrily, "It was not red light when I was driving to the middle of the road! You started the car when it was not green light!" There is much to be said on both sides. I saw a lot of cars were jammed on the road. Then I persuaded, the driver that he should go to the hospital. First, physical health is more important after all. "Thanks for your help, little brother." He said to me. "I would listen to your advice." I was relieved that he could understand my words.
Later, the ambulance came and took them to the hospital, and the traffic police came. From the police report, it was clear that the taxis were driving too fast. But it was just one of the reasons. In my opinion, the taxi drivers were eager to take more passengers and make a little more money. On the other hand, both drivers didn't show concern for each other. Both of them wanted to run in front of the other. Therefore, the accident was inevitable.
When I met my friend, and she was scared that my clothes had a little blood, I told her the whole thing. She smiled and said, "So far, we should keep it in our mind that to be a little slower while driving means to remain a little safer." She gave me a sack, "I just bought a shirt for you anyway, let's go back and enjoy my party, warm hearted man." Luckily, my friend had come with her car, so we did not have to call a taxi on the way to her party. On the way back, she wanted to know what had happened and I explained the whole ordeal to her. She said she felt sorry for both taxi drivers and asked how I was feeling to which I replied I was fine. In the car, we had a seri...
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