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Summary Of An Article By Christopher Carpenter (Essay Sample)


Need this done it's due Sunday.
Write a summary of the following article:
Carpenter, Christopher. "Heavy alcohol use and crime: evidence from underage drunk-driving laws." The Journal of Law and Economics 50, no. 3 (2007): 539-557.
Summary should include:
1. Basic information: your name, your section number, the title of the paper and the
authors of the paper;
2. Research question: What is the paper about? What question are the authors trying
to answer in this paper? Note: Do not copy it directly from the paper, summarize
it with your own words.
3. Methodology: How do the authors answer the research question? Do they use a
theoretical model or analyze real data (what data do they use)? What is the
method they use?
4. Conclusion. What are the main results of this paper;
5. Opinion: Was there something you liked/found interesting in this paper? Was
there something you didn't like about the paper?
Opinion part should not be more than ¼ of the summary. Methodology and conclusions
should be the largest part of the summary.


Date due:
Summary of an article
The article by Christopher Carpenter attempts to determine how alcohol consumption caused crime. It sought to determine the effects stricter drunk driving laws had towards the occurrence of criminal activities conducted by youths aged twenty-one and below. It answered the questions; what effects do the Zero Tolerance laws have on the drinking behavior of male youths aged 18-20? How do alcohol and crime relate to the presence of the new laws and stricter law enforcement? What are the precise types of alcohol uses related to crime?
The article utilized descriptive research design through collecting and analyzing documented data of men aged below twenty years arrested as per the utilization of the Zero Tolerance laws in 50 states. The author utilized ob...
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