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Analysis Of The Ending Of Bartleby: The Death (Essay Sample)


A 4-5 page essay, typed double-spaced, with numbered pages, with your name and your TA's name on the cover, and with a vivid and telling title defining your focused thesis. Goal: to analyze one narrowly defined but pivotal aspect of any one work on the syllabus. To develop a loaded argument in such short space, you will have to distill your thoughts. Avoid excessive generality; don't try to cover everything about your work. Define a specific issue in your introduction, and then hone in on that specific point through the rest of your essay. The points you make should develop out of carefully elaborated examples from the text, and should involve not only what is said but how it is said (with reference to narrative devices, point-of-view, tone, imagery, and so on). The goal here is to develop your own powerfully elaborated argument; reading other literary critics is not required and citing critics will not in itself earn you extra credit. But reading literary criticism is often stimulating and may very often help you to push your own points further. Also, you may feel that you can treat one work more clearly by contrasting it with another. Fine-- but this will make the definition of a narrow point for comparison all the more crucial. In such a case, perhaps one work can serve as an introductory foil, while the other gets the more detailed analysis.
Analyze the ending of “Bartleby.” Is this Dead Letter ending put forth as a moment of successful closure, summarizing all previous story elements and solving its problems? Or does it work more as a Dead Letter itself—foregrounding the crisis of narrative closure and communication brought on by this encounter with Bartleby? Does the narrator come to some new revelation or understanding here? Does he seem to have been moved to true gestures of empathy and “hospitality”?


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Bartleby Ending Analysis
In the beginning, everything is the way it should be; Bartleby is a new guy who arrives at an established office and gets to work right away. There is nothing weird about it, and even if Bartleby is weirdly quiet, it is relieving compared to Nippers and Turkey's peculiarity. There is no clear way to tell about the story of the narrator, because things are running like they usually do for a while after Bartleby's arrival. However, what catches the attention of readers is the ending because of how it was concluded. Bartleby is an odd tale with wherein the Bartleby's character dies which happened with a lot of mystery.
After the death of Bartleby, while he is alone and locked up, a part of his past is finally revealed which says about the time when he worked in the Dead Letter's office. The story's narrator contemplates if this sad job might have had an impact on Bartleby's mental health. This part of the story makes the reader ponder about his or her own character.
When the novel was about to end, Bartleby was surrendered to the Police who took off Bartleby to the tombs because he was recognized as a vagrant. The author came to see Bartleby in jail and instructed the grubman to make everything pleasant for Bartleby. After a few days, Bartleby was found by the narrator bizarrely huddled at the end of the yard which is an area not reachable by prisoners. His knees were drawn up while lying on his side, with his head on the cold stones. The narrator touched Bartleby, and felt a shiver running up his arm, spin, and then finally his feet. He found Bartleby dead. After his death, rumors about how he was started to spread around. When the narrator found out that he worked in an office that handled dead letters, he wondered if it was really dead bodies.
The way Bartleby was found made the story a sad and tragic one because he is an anti-hero that he imposed on himself grave sufferings for unexplainable reasons. It was his mental abnormality that made him suffer and not because his character did a lot of wrong. Before dying, and some time after the narrator's services as a copyist, Bartleby lost his productivity. He started disobeying any order given by the narrator even if he was his master. All he did was copy documents and stayed inside the room where he was assigned to. After a short while, he started to skip doing the main job and did not want to copy

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