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Hamilton: An American Musical Should Be Used For College Education (Essay Sample)


Please strictly according to the requirements of the two pages to write, need a thesis statement and works cited.
I need to choose one of these two articles (I sent the attachment).
It must be five pages long!
thank you


Hamilton: An American Musical should be used for college education
The play Hamilton: An American Musical is the most popular and the best when utilized in the curriculum of colleges; it enhances learners to have broader minds on reality. Throughout the story, one can see a committed man, who works tirelessly to have a defined future and this sets the leaner to emulate the same. The play requires internal analysis which will ensure that students remain focused on the course. Besides, history plays an important role in understanding our past and also in helping predict our future. The play will be essential in enhancing creativity and broaden the thinking of the learners while motivating them to struggle to achieve their goals. Despite these benefits of the paly, some criticism exists and the critics of the play argue that the play will enhance the issue of racial segregation in colleges. However, this paper argues that with proper implementation of the play into the curriculum of college history students, its advantages are more paramount to the alluded disadvantages as posed by the critics of the play.
How Hamilton should be taught
In colleges, Hamilton should be taught by professionals who have adequate knowledge about the play. Besides, for people to understand better about the course there is need to utilize tools that will enable students to read live performances and actualize the information contained. The course can also be taught by use of students who can write dramatic scenes, poems or songs drawing on the founding era period to present on stage. In this regard, students should synthesize the play, have a shot and see how Hamilton utilizes words, music, and staging to improve their understanding and enjoyment of the history of America, music, and drama (Elliot;
To effectively teach Hamilton: An American Musical instructors should use musical approach in helping realize multiple educational goals. The snip sets of songs will create interest in the learner's mind hence better understanding of the course. Another critical approach that will better is the use of moderators who need to create competing sides and ask the students to craft arguments in rap form. The opposite parties will debate on crucial points comprehensively making the learners understand more about the course (Elliot,
Teachers should insist that the teaching of this course goes beyond memorizing and composing catchy lyrics. There is need to use excerpts from biographies, soundtracks and other primary documents. Furthermore, students are encouraged to embrace the culture of writing as they learn this course. As directed by one of the instructors, Dr. Jim Cullen, students should be asked to delve into three themes; looking a period of history through one's eyes, studying the artistry of the play itself and explore how non-historians understand the past (Elliot,
Reasons as to why the course should be taught
The program is of significance as it gives students a common discussion point as well as different perspectives on the subjects. Also, it's an interesting way to teach skills of criticism and its interpretation and careful reading as one may find them in a situation where they have to read, analyze and give comments on the articles that they read (Mathew and Courtney 4).
Hamilton gives a chance to engage learners in discussions over a wide variety of economic concepts. It also allows educators to connect more with students and their interests through music. Besides, the content is well researched and based mainly on primary sources, and the language is complex and fun. The creators of the play did it with ...

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