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Glengarry Glen Ross as a Modern Tragedy (Essay Sample)

I would like to get essay that is four full pages in length without including Name, Course Name, Instructor's Name and Date of Submission. I have attached my teacher instructions for essay. And also I have attached Glengarry Glen Ross, A Play by David Mamet ( Act One, page 15-51) from my textbook. . My teacher wants essay that is only based on “ Glengarry Glen Ross” A Play by David Mamet. ISBN is 9780802130914. This essay is based on only “Act One” from page 15 to 51. We cannot use outside source. You can use the quotations from that play. Can you use at least 3 quotations for each body paragraph? Can you add page number for the quotations and explain about the quotes? Can you also add personal opinion for about that play and characters? Thank you so much. source..
Glengarry Glen Ross as a Modern Tragedy
The play of David Mamet, Glengarry Glen Ross presents a story of a supervisor and his four salespersons. The supervisor is Williamson while the salespersons are Levene, Moss, Roma, and Aaronow. They are all working as a team in which they sell real estate products at high prices. The setting of the play is at the end of the month when the bosses of the company, Murray and Mitch, have launched a sales competition. The competition has consequences in which the best sales person wins a Cadillac while the worst two salespersons will be fired. A chalkboard has been established to monitor the person of the salespersons. The good salesperson, Roma is on the top of the boar while the rest of the salespersons are in trouble because they face the risk of being fired. The first scene of the play takes place at a Chinese restaurant in which Levene struggles to convince Williamson to offer him better sales leads so that he can maintain his job. He tries everything including begging, bribery, threatening and flattering but Williamson sticks to the policies of the company. The play depicts the tragedies that people are undergoing in competitive business environment of the United States. The essay is an analysis of Glengarry Glen Ross as a modern tragedy focusing on elements of the play that relates to tragedies in the modern real life.
Glengarry Glen Ross as a Modern Tragedy
Glengarry Glen Ross is a modern tragedy especially because there are elements in the play that conform to the definition of tragedy. A tragedy is a situation that causes suffering, distress, or natural misfortune. This is clearly depicted in the play when Levene talks to Williamson in the Chinese restaurant, “John…John…John. Okay. John. John. John. Look: The Glengarry Highland’s leads, you’re sending Roma out. Fine. He’s a good man. All I’m saying, you look at the board, he’s throwing...
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