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Will the US Adopt Soccer like the Rest of the World (Essay Sample)

First, Please use very simple and basic words I will attach a ready essay that I have written already. I will also attach the instructor comments to it in another file. Please do the corrections to it and add the following: 1-Write a reflecting to the whole interview that I have done with the Soccer coach ( you will see that in the essay). 2- please look and watch for an interview (online) about why is Soccer not more popular in U.S and write a reflecting for it. source..
Ahmed Banji
Mr. Eliot
26 September 2012
Will the US Adopt Soccer like the Rest of the World?
What do I know about soccer?
Sports are very interesting for everyone. Most people like to spend their free time practicing or watching their interest's kind of sports. Yet, practicing sport is good way to keep people healthy. I am very interested in sports. Also, I like to have fun by practicing sports especially playing soccer. Soccer is the most popular sport around the world and it has interesting competition ways between teams. I believe that every person has tried it at least once. When I was young, I used to play soccerall day in front of me home. Also, I like to play video game and I didn’t play anything except soccer.
I have a big sports family. My father and my uncle were very good players. They used to play every day with their team. Every Friday they took all the family to the park and played together. In addition, one of my cousinsplays with one of the most popular team in Saudi Arabia the Al Ahli club. We got together, watched and supported him. These activities made me love the game.
When I went to school, I started to play there. One day, there was a championship between schools. The coach saw me playing with my class and he chose me to play with the school’s team even though I was very young. I played very hard while my family and teachers supported me. After that, they choose me to play with the city’s team that represents all schools in my city.
When I graduated from high school, I moved to another city to complete my diploma. I made a lot of friends over there and I started to gather together a soccer team in my neighborhood. I didn't want to go to that city's clubs because I wanted to take care of my education. After one year, we played the first championship between neighborhoods and we got the silver medal. I was very glad for my team.
What I want to know?
I want to know some idea about soccer in the US and how they can improve it. I decided to meet someone who has a good experience in this field. I sent a message to Jason Neidell, the head coach in WKU Women's soccer to help me and he was very happy and helpful. I asked him some questions.
Ahmed Banji: Why do American people call the football game soccer?
Jason Neidell: They call it soccer because Americans created their own game and named that football.
Ahmed Banji: Can the passion for soccer in America reach the levels seen in other countries?
Jason Neidell: Yes, because the major league soccer teams are becoming more famous and more fans are attending the games. Also, some soccer team has 20,000 fans per game. Now the top players are playing here because they are earning good enough money.
Ahmed Banji: What needs to be in place to help planning and growth of soccer?
Jason Neidell: In America everything is about money. If corporations would help fund the sport through advertising or merchandising then soc...
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