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Waiting times in the Emergency Department (Essay Sample)

Dear writer, the topic is " Waiting time in the emergency departments" and I really need you to focus in canada emergency problems only. thanks General Your essay should be approxmately 1500 words (5 double spaced typed pages) or a maximum of 6 pages, not including the reference page. At least 5 academic references after year 2005 should be included. Academic references are scholarly books, journals, authoritative web sites. Use APA style for the in-text citation and the reference section at the end of the paper. Not all sources from the Internet may be considered as one of the 5 references. Internet sources that are acceptable include: - - Articles in peer-reviewed journals that are available electronically through the library - Government documents Since other sources from the Internet are variable in quality, they will be considered supplementary to the 5 required references, and will not count as one of them. If you are not certain of the acceptability of one or more of your sources from the web, check with your tutorial leader. A part of this exercise is to learn to use academic articles, so that your essay and term paper draw on sources that have been peer reviewed and meet current social science standards. Newspaper and magazine articles are considered supplementary and should be used judiciously. Develop the list of references on which you will base your paper well in advance to ensure they are of acceptable quality and you will not be left at the last minute with references that are unacceptable. If you wish to cite information you got from an interview or conversation with someone here is the format. “Joe Blow told me that he doesn't like working in an emergency department (Joe Blow, personal communication, February 6, 2004).” Essay Structure Initial paragraph Describe the experience you used to identify the topic of your paper. For example: “I went to the emergency department with my friend who had been hurt playing basketball. While there, I witnessed a doctor and a nurse arguing over how to treat a patient. The doctor finally told the nurse that it had to be done the way he wanted and the nurse walked away looking disgusted. Based on this experience I will examine the relationship between doctors and nurses in our health care system and whether there should be changes in the current relationship.” At the end of this paragraph you should have a sentence or two that clearly identifies what issue you will be discussing in your essay. Second paragraph Discuss the points that you will be raising in your essay, how you will be raising them and some of the main actors. To continue with the example above: “I will look at how doctors and nurses are trained by discussing curriculum in medical and nursing schools with people teaching in these schools. In addition, since most doctors are men and most nurses are women, I will also be looking at the power relationships between men and women. Finally, I will examine the provincial regulations that describe the different functions of the two professions.” Next paragraphs This is the body of your essay. In these paragraphs you will discuss the three points that you identified above: training of doctors and nurses, how men and women relate in general, provincial regulations that govern the two professions. Concluding paragraphs The idea here is to summarize what you have presented and then to draw conclusions based on that material. For example: “In general, when men and women are working in the same environment men tend to be more aggressive and women tend to be more passive, even when there is no difference in their knowledge or abilities. Therefore, when there is an argument women will usually give into men. Medical training teaches doctors to be assertive and to be team leaders, while nursing training tends to emphasize caring and a more cooperative relationship. When the two professions work together doctors tend to assume that they will be the leaders and nurses are willing to defer to the doctors. This relationship is reinforced by regulations governing the nursing profession that state that nurses are not allowed to diagnose or treat, these are only functions that doctors can do. Therefore, especially when it is a question of either diagnosis or treatment nurses are even more likely to give in. I believe that this relationship needs to change. Nurses spend more time with patients than doctors and often observe things that doctors miss. However, if nurses opinions are ignored then patient care may suffer. Furthermore, if this type of relationship continues nurses will feel that their work is undervalued and may leave the profession.” Obviously, your essays will be more evolved and detailed than this example but in general, this is the model that you should follow. source..
Waiting times in the Emergency Department
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Waiting Times in the Emergency Department
I was waiting in the ER to be transferred to the inpatient section for further treatment of a serious problem of Pancreatitis, after I had gotten all the necessary diagnostic tests and treatments by the emergency nurses and doctors. The whole time I was in the ER, I noticed that the emergency department was over crowded and the emergency crew was trying to help every patient but they had no bed to treat any more patients any further. As I was complaining why I was still waiting there, the doctor told me that I had to be admitted to the hospital and the busy nurse told me that “there is no available bed in the hospital and you have to wait here before one can be found’. Finally I realized that the ER problems do not start there; there are other interconnected issues in the systems which have to be addressed.
I concluded the issues that affect the ER waiting times were lack of enough hospital beds which results to most inpatient cases having to wait in the ER after being attended to as the nurses look for alternative admission space, shortage of government funding to health care system which will help the hospitals to stock up equipment like beds to accommodate their patients and the shortage of physicians and diagnostic services to attend to the high number of ER patients. These three factors are very important to facilitating the smooth running of the ER department.
Lack of bed availability
This has been identified as the most important indicator causing the increased over crowding and waiting in the ED by the Canadian experts (Ospina et al, 2007). According to them the emergency room is where an admitted patient requiring hospitalization remains for an extended period of the time before being transferred to an inpatient bed. The experts further conclude that the delays regarding flow through the ED and into the admitted bed is an important contributor to ED over crowding.
From this it is clear to see that as long as the patients who are awaiting admission are still left in the ED room because there are no beds at the moment then this will only increase the number of patients in the ED but also make it difficult for the staff to attend to all the patients in the ED. This goes to show that for the ED to be efficient and avoid over crowding then the hospital should have enough bed capacity to admit the number of inpatients coming into the hospital on a daily basis. For if the patients who have been recommended for admission are taken to the inpatients section then at least one the reasons that cause over crowding and waiting in the ED will be resolved. This will also ensure that there is order and efficiency in the ED department and the whole hospital in general.
For the hospitals to also ensure that the ED is efficient without the interruptions of the inpatient. The management should ensure ...
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