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Human-robot Body Processes. Life Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


In this section we examined how the body as a broad category is worked on and understood in relation to discourses, political projects, economic models, images, and specific places among others. Seen from this perspective, the body, human or robotic, is not a given but rather in constant dialogue with the cultural landscape in which it is located. Provide a critical analysis of the processes that inform how the body is constituted. You must use at least three readings, one of which must be Robo Sapiens Japanicus.
1. I will upload one readings you will need, mainly focus on this book"Robo Sapiens Japanicus", THIS IS IMPORTANT! I suggest have at least 4 citations for that, the essay should analyze the processes that inform how the body is constituted based on what "Robo Sapiens Japanicus" is talking about! Please Please Please at least read some of it.
2. I will also proveide 4 books, that you can pick from. Use them as other two meterials to citation, or you can pick your choice if you want. However, every citation must realate with topic: the processes that inform how the body is constituted.
3. I will see if I have the picture of class discussion if I found them I will also upload them.
Thank you.


Japan is responsible for about 52% of the global share of operations robots and is leading the post-industrial world in the making of humanoid robots developed and marketed to improve and augment the human society. However, the robots must satisfy two requirements. One, their bodies must be similar to a human being implying it must have legs, torso, arms and head. Two, it has to work in an environment that is similar to that of humans like houses, schools, hospitals, offices and so on (Robertson 6). This means, the robots have processes that inform their bodies just like the human body has. This paper therefore, will look at the processes that inform how the body is made on the basis of Robo Sapiens Japanicus.
Human–Robot Body Processes

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