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An Emerging Energy Technology: The Role Of The New Technology (Essay Sample)


As an overview of an emerging energy technology, the full paper should include the following sections:
1. The brief overview of the technology (i.e. what it is, how does it work)
2. History (discovery of key scientific principles, history of R&D)
3. Current status of the energy technology (scale achieved, economic feasibility, who is supporting the development)
4. Review on the socioeconomic impacts of the technology (e.g. replacement of existing technology, change in workforce composition, a creation of new energy source)
5. References (this list can be different from what you submitted in your earlier assignment)
Guide your writing with your outline, and the comments you received on the outline. Sources referenced in the paper should be properly cited.
The paper should be no less than 5 pages in length (12 pt, double-spacing, 1' margins) excluding the list of references. The total number of figures and tables should be no more than 5. If images are obtained from online sources or references, they should also be cited in the list of references.
Depth and breadth of information regarding the role of the new technology, and its relationship with existing technologies (3 pts)
Compliance to formatting guidelines (3 pts)
Ability to identify key socioeconomic impacts of the emerging energy technology (3 pts)
Use of language (e.g. free of typos, grammatical errors) (1 pt)


Artificial Photosynthesis
Brief Overview of Technology
Unlike the world prior to the industrial revolution, the modern world runs on energy. It is the backbone of industrialization and the wheels on which economies move forward. This has increased the demand for energy, leading to the need for research and adoption of new sources. This has resulted in drastic changes in the energy sector over the years. From wood power to wind power, hydropower, fossil fuels, and even nuclear power. All these changes have been driven by the need to cater to the demand for energy, which is projected to at least double by 2050 (Barber and Tran). Moreover, due to the emission of greenhouse gases which cause global warming, there are calls to reduce the overreliance on the traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels and adopt newer and more environment-friendly technologies. Artificial photosynthesis is an example of such technology.

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