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Suppression Hearing (Essay Sample)

What is your reaction to these articles? Consider these questions: 1.) Was Jeffs' right to fair trial infringed by his documentation and audio tapes not being suppressed in pre-trial motions? 2.) Was the evidence correctly admitted to court and the only reason for the suppression hearing was the devastating nature of the evidence? http://www(dot)examiner(dot)com/article/prosecution-avoids-disaster-at-warrens-jeffs-polygamist-suppression-hearing http://www(dot)dailymail(dot)co(dot)uk/news/article-2024150/Warren-Jeffs-trial-Paedophile-gets-life-sentence-50-brides-photo-emerges.html http://www(dot)deseretnews(dot)com/article/700169477/Warren-Jeffs-sentenced-to-life-in-prison-after-30-minute-deliberation.html source..
Suppression Hearing
A suppression hearing is an opportunity to have a judge look at the evidence against you and determine whether it is allowed at trial. In the case against Jeff Warren he was a church leader and a self proclaimed prophet, he was imprisoned for life by the jury that took less than half an hour to decide the maximum possible sentence. He was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault in the first count and in the second count he was found guilty of sexual assault and given twenty years and a fine of ten thousand dollars. Jeff defended himself for most of the trial and he read out a statement threatening a ‘whirlwind punishment if he was not released from custody (Bentley, par 3).
DNA evidence showed that Jeff had fathered a child with a fifteen year old bride. An audio hearing was played where he was heard assaulting a twelve year old and issuing instructions on how to be pleased sexually. He submitted his sexual needs and claimed them to be ‘heavenly` the girls were pleasing god to help atone for the sin of the community. Mr Jeff is said to have had his big house where he had hundreds of girls and women for his sexual gratification. Assistant attorney general Eric Nichols told the jury that ‘the state of Texas had a big house too where Warren Jeff should spend the rest of his days.
Defense attorneys said they wouldn`t be handing Jeff`s appeal but there was legitimate ground that one of the evidences in court was gathered in one of (2008) raid based on false abuse report. The raid on the sects Yearning for Zion compound in Eldorado Texas. Some legal experts have argued that since the raid was raised on false report some evidence gathered then should not be considered. Judje Barbaral Walther who presided over the case allowed the evidence that proved Jeff abused children as young as twelve years by having sex with them. Jeff`s wives had been victims and accomplices forced into cruel world of worship and sexual abuse, they were proving their worth to their leader while being assaulted.
Most shocking was the evidence that some of the young wives assisted the paedophile with his sexual assaults. Three of Jeff`s wives are said to have held the twelve year old as he raped her; this is revealed by tapes seized from Eldorado where they lived. Jeff had taken over the community in (1998) from his farther who made him believe that women were rightfully his to abuse as a birth right. In other tapes played Jeff is heard having sex with all the girls at the same time and telling the girls they need to be exited. He would tell them if they refused to please him they would be rejected by God.
Shocking photos were also revealed showing Jeff kissing an undera...
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