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Juveniles Charged as Adults (Essay Sample)

Address your reaction to these articles. 1.) How should the criminal justice system deal with murderers who are also children? 2.) Should that be an absolute rule or a case-by-case basis for a judge to decide? 3.) How should child offenders be sanctioned? Community Corrections? Social Services? Juvenile Prison? Adult Prison? 4.) What should be the legal age and circumstances to prosecute a person in adult court with adult sanctions including adult prisons? http://www(dot)dailybreeze(dot)com/news/ci_18859704?refresh=no http://www(dot)khou(dot)com/news/local/Elderly-La-Marque-womans-homicide-stuns-neighbors-122860844.html http://www(dot)rgj(dot)com/article/20111202/NEWS01/111202020/Judge-gives-13-year-old-life-prison-his-part-robbery-spree-murder http://articles(dot)cnn(dot)com/2010-02-10/justice/pennsylvania.young.murder.defendant_1_juvenile-homicide-jordan-s-attorneys?_s=PM:CRIME source..
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Juveniles Charged as Adults
Juveniles are young people considered not fully developed, under the age of eighteen years. There are circumstances that forces juveniles to be tried and charged in the adult criminal courts. The process of transferring the case is known as the ‘waiver’. Judges are characterized with waiving the protections accorded by the juvenile courts. Juvenile cases referred to the adult criminal courts, involve serious cases and crimes, including murder. Cases with minors who had previously in trouble are relayed to the adult criminal courts. A juvenile being charged in the adult criminal courts are accorded to constitutional rights and protections, which are waived. The threat in adult criminal courts is that, the courts are capable of delivering a harsh sentence and juveniles have the threat of serving in the adult correctional facility.
Juvenile crime is one of the most serious crimes. The concerns are shared by the local government officials, federal, state and by the general public. Juvenile crimes escalated from the 1980’s. Majority of states responded by tough legislative stance. Juvenile courts on murders are almost similar to the adult criminal courts on murders (Craig para 4). The recent violent juvenile reactions to murder cases have forced the state to blur distinctions between adult courts and juvenile courts. The sentences have been geared towards more punitive edges allowing juveniles to be forwarded to the adult criminal courts. This involves doing away with some fundamental rights protecting the juveniles involved in the murder cases (Craig Para 6)...
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