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Case Briefs (Essay Sample)

Case Briefs– 2 page, double-spaced report including the first page of the case and it should be in year 2010 , Cases may be found in Lexis/Nexis. You can find the cases in this site source..
Date: 07, December 2010.
Case Brief
This was case was named freedom from religion foundation v. Hanover school district
Freedom from religion foundation, et al., plaintiffs, appellants, v. Hanover school district, et al., defendants, applies.
This case was filed by Jan and Doe against Hanover school district. Jan and Doe are members of The Freedom from Religion Foundation and that on the Pursuant to the New Hampshire Act, the Pledge of Allegiance ("the Pledge”) was routinely recited in Doe children's classrooms under the leadership of their teachers. Does children were identified as being atheistic and agonistic. Jan, Doe and the two children were collectively known as the ‘The Freedom from Religion Foundation` in the case.
The big issues that The Freedom From Religion Foundation alleged is that the Doe children "have all been led by their public school teachers in recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance." which the New Hampshire has not contested on it. The parties did not provide any other specific information about the operation of the statute on issues such as the procedures that are used in the pledge or even the number of students who participate in the pledge., some other courts have reasoned that in addressing the claim that the recitation of a pledge of allegiance including the phrase "under God" is unconstitutional under Lee the cases are fundamentally different because saying the pledge is not itself a religious exer...
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