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Judge Selection (Essay Sample)

Respond to the following article. 1.) Whether you support the continuing of elected judges or appointing judges on merit (a ballot issue that recently failed) 2.) Support your decision 3.) Works Cited page http://www(dot)lvrj(dot)com/news/many-lawyers-seek-appointment-system-93757614.html source..
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Judge Selection
The current Nevadan`s constitution supports that; the state`s judges should be elected rather than being appointed by the state`s political leader. Majority of people argue that election process ensures that a strong, non-partisan judiciary is established within the state. However, there are those who feel that this ancient method should be changed in order to embrace the modern way of upholding professionalism in the judicial sector, and join the other silver states in America. Surveys have also be established to find people`s opinion on the issue, where some have out-rightly proposed the move, while others have chosen to oppose it (McMurdo Para 3). Like the many young attorneys who chose to support the motion, I am also of the idea that it would be better if judges were appointed than elected.
The reason why I have chosen to support the appointment of judges is because I perfectly know such a move will acknowledge professionalism in the judicial system. However, the prerogative of judges` appointment ought to be different from the political appointments. I totally believe that merit appointment of judges would sufficiently replace the current corrupted judicial elections (McMurdo Para 8). Although the motion failed, it would have considerably elevated the current status of Nevada judicial system. Likewise, it should be noted that by supporting the merit appointment of jud...
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