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Researching Our Sacred History and Intergenerational Historical Trauma (Essay Sample)


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Researching Our Sacred History and

Intergenerational Historical Trauma 


The purpose of this writing assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to engage in the preliminary stages of composing a research paper and becoming familiar with the process of rigorous research practices. It provides students the chance to further engage with course content that focuses on sacred histories, colonialism/imperialism, and historical trauma while also conducting outside research to further excavate the relevance of these concepts to their own ancestral origins.

Required Assigned Sources:

  • Amlin, Patricia. Sacred History of Mexico
  • Domingo, Alvaro. La Otra Conquista (The Other Conquest)
  • Rodríguez, Roberto and Patrisia Gonzales. Editorial files on Historical Trauma
  • Morales, Alejandro. Little Nation, “Quetzalli” (1-10) 
  • Urrieta, "Identities Also Cry" 
  • Vasquez, "Reflections on Chicano/Chicana Studies" 

Required Outside Sources (must include at least two):

  • Two-three scholarly sources you located on your own

Writing Task:

The task consists of students selecting ONE research question from the list below. Students should answer the research question in a 4-6 page paper that includes 6-8 sources (described above).

Regardless of the question selected, students should provide a discussion of the sacred history of their ancestry, the impact that colonization and/or imperialism (or some other form of oppression) had on that sacred history, and an analysis of the ways in which historical trauma (as discussed in the sources) has manifested on themselves, their family, their community, and their nation(s).

  1. What are some of the traumas inflicted by religion that are still present today?
  2. What constitutes a credible source when writing a paper that focuses on sacred history?
  3. How did colonialism and/or imperialism affect your sacred history in terms of social, psychological, and cultural aspects?
  4. Do imperialism and colonialism affect all cultures in the same ways? Why? Why not?
  5. What are the possible ways of healing historical trauma?
  6. What factors influence the current preservation of sacred histories?

Tips on Organization & Structure:

As discussed in class, it will be helpful for you to prepare your reader for the presentation of the research question. In the introductory paragraph, consider providing a general background that will prepare your readers for the research question. Present the research question. Provide a context for why the question is important to consider at this time. You may also choose to provide a brief overview of the proceeding sections of the paper.

As you draft your paper, please spend time breaking down the key words in the question (e.g. religion,  credible text, historical trauma, sacred history, etc.). Provide the reader with sufficient background on these terms early in the paper as they will help prepare you to provide relevant examples and engage in thoughtful comparisons and/or contrasts.

Identify the major sections of your paper and proceed to input the sources (and quotes) that will accompany/enhance/support those sections.

Please ask for assistance EARLY and frequently if needed.

Format Guidelines:

You may choose to write your paper either in MLA or APA style. Whichever you choose, please stay consistent. Please follow the guidelines for in-text citations as well as formatting your Works Cited page by referencing The Owl at Purdue website. Keep in mind that headings can be useful for helping you to organize your paper, especially if you have several sections.



Institution affiliation:
Possible Ways of Healing Historical Trauma
In 1980, Kardiner’s work was used to develop posttraumatic stress disorders by the American Psychiatric Association. The development of PTSD was meant to help clinicians to describe the stress and anxiety related to traumatic events in the military or historical injustices such as genocides. While the healing of PTSD related to military activities has significantly improved, the healing of historical trauma has been neglected. However, considering how the historical experience of Mexicans living in the United States has impacted their well-being, it is only prudent to identify ways that can heal them. Therefore, this paper aims at describing cultural re-connection, family re-connection, and traumatic therapy as possible ways of healing historical trauma.
Sacred History of the Chicano and Mexicans in General
The Chicano is a subculture that spans both Mexican and American cultures. As a result, it doesn’t have a distinct origin as to whether it is wholly American or wholly Mexican. It has its own set of beliefs and practices, as well as a sacred history just like indigenous Indian groups. A personal ancestry traces back to the earlier centuries in Mexico, when the Spaniards came into the country and colonized the people. The indigenous people had their own set of beliefs and deities to whom they made sacrifices to appease them. It is this set of beliefs that unified the people and made them stick together as a unit.

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