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The change of market: Confrontation between labor and capital (Essay Sample)


1.Please follow the prompts in the documents uploaded and ONLY use materials uploaded.
2.Clear thesis which ANSWER the questions.
3.For every paragraph, please (if possible) analyze appropriate example and choose quotes to support the key idea.
4.Correct pages of all quotes.

Assignment 1
The economy and labor market of the United States underwent massive changes in the late 1800s. In the industrial north, a growing number of men, women, and children of different racial, ethnic, and occupational backgrounds became wage laborers. In the agricultural south, many former slaves also became wage laborers working for wealthy landowners and employers. One of the major issues in this time period was the conflict between these workers and their employers, the struggle between labor and capital. What were some of the major efforts by workers to form unions or political organizations to improve their jobs in the late 1800s? How easy or difficult was it for workers to unite with one another? Why did employers and government officials often resist these efforts and how did it affect the success of these efforts?
Write a 4 to 5-page, double-spaced paper in 12-point font that addresses the questions posed above. Be sure to base your claims on the assigned readings, documents, and other materials covered in class during weeks 1 through 3. You should use some combination of the prologue and the first three chapters of Who Built America volume 2, Alex Gourevitch’s “Our Forgotten Labor Revolution,” Samuel Gompers’s “What Does Labor Want,” Andrew Carnegie’s The Gospel of Wealth chapter 2, and the “Statement of Pullman Strikers.” Your paper should not mention every possible example from these materials, but adequately analyze and discuss the examples you choose.
Your paper should follow standard grammar, punctuation, and citation methods (APA, MLA, or Chicago).


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The Change of Market: Confrontation between Labor and Capital
In the 1800’s there was a major change in the market and economy of the United States. The shift from slavery to free labor concerned African Americans who had been slaves. Other workers, including white and black free laborers, increasingly shifted from artisan work/self-employment to wage labor. Prior to the shift, there had been a great call for the end of slavery. In the north, which was more industrial, people from different races and ethnic backgrounds became wage laborers. In the south which was more agricultural, people who were formerly slaves became wage laborers for landowners and rich employers. The shift from slavery to laborers brought various changes to the people which included the realization that as workers they still had their rights and their employers had no right to mistreat them or subject them to any form of unfavorable working conditions. The workers started forming labor unions and political organizations which had the objective of ensuring workers enjoyed maximum benefits from their labor.

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