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Reflection paper for chapter (Essay Sample)

This Reflection paper is for a History class that studies about ethnics. The reflection paper should be based on the book written by Chan, Sucheng, Daniels, Henry Daniels, Garcia, Mario T., Wilson, Terry P. \"People of Color in the American West\" D.C. Heath Company 1994. It is minimum 700-word count using 1-inch margins, single space, font size 12, and Times New Roman. The first 500words(minimum) should be the \"Summary\" of Chapter1 and the rest of the 200words(minimum) should be \"critique analysis\" which is basically your opinion. It is better to reference other articles. (1 article will be fine). source..
Reflection paper for chapter 1
The origin of ethnicity of many tribes in America is revealed by story tellers who not only tell their tales for amusement but also deliver something that is true and can be believed in. The story behind the American Indians: Yuma Indians, Jicarilla Apaches and the Modoc and how they explain all the features around them and their tribesmen is one of the stories narrated to give the origin of the American Indians (Chan, et al, 19).
The Yuma
The story behind the origin of the Yuma ‘The Good Twin and the Evil twin’ has it that in the beginning there was no sun, land, stars and moon. The earth was filled with darkness. The creator lived under the waters and one day he decided to crate his two sons, Kokomaht, the good one and Bakotahl, the evil one who was blind. Kokomaht is said to be the first one who created the earth and named different directions. Bakotahl was never pleased by the work of Kokomaht and it was even more difficult for him since he could not see. One day, he decided to make a creature that looked like him with a head, arms and legs (Chan, et al, 22). He made something that resembled his words but was not perfect since it lacked the arms and the legs.
Kokomaht used this idea and created a man and a woman. One day he laughed at his brother’s work and resulted to crumbling down all the imperfect beings that Bakotahl had created. Bakotahl got very irritated dived into the water causing a big thunder which sent a whirlwind evil to the earth. Kokomaht managed to kill most of the evil beings but one slipped out of his leg and ran to the forests. This evil is said to be the one that brings sickness and plague to people till this day.
Kokomaht went ahead and made 24 different creatures among them the Yuma who still suffer the wrath of the evil who slipped away from him. Komashtam, the first creature once asked him to teach him how to live and survive. In order to teach him, he gave him a son, Komashtam’ho who told the women and the men not to separate but to live together and rear children.
There was still dark on earth at those times that was hindering survival. Kokomaht therefore made the moon, the stars and the sun. Among the creatures that he has made was the Hanyi, a frog that was very powerful. She envied Kokomaht and thought of even destroying him. Kokomaht new that without death there could be so many being in the earth so he permitted the...
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