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John Steinbeck: of mice and men (Essay Sample)

Please watch (Of Mice And Men)1992 movie and answer this question. At the end of the play, when George shoots Lennie, is it a selfish act or a selfless one? Why? Keep in mind the themes in the play. Remember -- double spaced, two point font, one inch margins. source..

John Steinbeck: of mice and men
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John Steinbeck: of mice and men
When George shoots Lennie at the end of the story, it is a self less act because their friendship could not allow George to kill Lennie. He wanted Lennie to die a happy and painless death. The other ranch members wanted to kill him for the murder of Curley’s wife that he committed. When George realized that Lennie was wanted for the murder, and he knew very well that lennie will experience a very painful death through the hands of the other ranch members, he decided to look for him and kill him instead, rather than waiting for the angry people to come and murder him. However, due to the love they shared, George could not wait for Lennie to go through a painful death and that is why he killed him.
In addition, the killing can be termed as selfless because they were very optimistic about how they were going to share their future and when George realized that this was no more, he decided to take an action, not out of selfishness but it was just to prevent his friend from being brutally murdered by others. They had dreams of one day having a piece of land they would call theirs.
In conclusion, I can say that the George was not selfish to have killed Lennie but he just wanted to save him from the angry mob. Their f...
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