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How might a Positivist and an Interpretivist Social Researcher Differ? (Essay Sample)

How might a positivist and an interpretivist social researcher differ in conducting a study on illegal drug use among street-involved youth in Victoria? source..

How might a Positivist and an Interpretivist Social Researcher Differ?
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(29 September 2011)
How might a positivist and an interpretivist social researcher differ?
A positivity social researchers believe that the social behavior of human beings can be determine through that observation that is being carried out when conducting a research on the natural world. However, for the case of the Interetivist social researcher, they believe that the social behaviors of a person can be determined on the consciousness that individual, how they relate with others, the action they take afterwards and for those who believe in interestivist, know that predicting certain behavior of an individual is quite hard (Israel, & Hay, 2006). It is because of these different views of the researchers that have made them differ on quite a number of issues.
For instance when we take the case of illegal drug use among street- involved youth in Victoria, positivity approach is the most preferred one but the social context in which it is approached becomes quite a challenge (Winch, 1990). Nevertheless, with the positivity approach, the researcher is in a position to determine the percentage of people who use illegal drugs but determining their social behavior becomes quite tricky.
That is why the interestivity researcher might pose a challenge to the positivity researcher on the kind of grounds he uses to determine the social behavior of an individual (Livesey, 2006). To the researchers under the interestivity approach, they tend to believe that, those youths who use the illegal drugs in Victoria, have the mentality that, as much as people keep on campaigning that, illegal drug use can affect ones health or even kill them they should have seen an effect in their health or they could have already died (Williams, 2000).
However, as much as the positivity researcher keeps on insisting that, positivity approach offers an objective reality about its nature and the social life of people, the intepretivist researcher will always continues to differ in such a context that, scientist do come up with their own ways to show reality fo...
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