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The Leader in Adolf Hitler (Essay Sample)

Hi writer, I want a reaction paper about "hitler's table talk" book. you can find it on Google. I want you to chose number of the book sections and write a reaction paper about them. I want you to be fair with Hitler and not against him because my crazy teacher like him. :) thank you source..
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The Leader in Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler, one of the most controversial figures in the history of mankind. To some he has been likened as the reincarnate of Satan himself. He has been described as amongst the ruthless and wretched persons who ever traversed our present age. His political ambitions and his ideologies have been described as the most unconvincing. Yet they were widely used [against the will of his people apparently] to further selfish ambition. If a child is born today, the first thing he/she is likely to read or hear about Adolf Hitler is how evil he was and how much he deserved to die ten times over for his atrocities. Yet I still wonder does he deserve such perception? I remember being narrated to a story by my superiors as a child that “Adolf Hitler never smiled, he had a stone for a heart, his joy and hence his smile was seen once…when he saw blood for a river…” How scared I was, I never imagined that a human being would behave in such a manner. But then again, that was when I was young and my thinking immature. At the moment I can read and understand theories. I can judge character and I can decide for myself whether Hitler was downright evil or whether he was a force that was terribly misread. I picked up his book “Hitler’s Table Talks”, frankly I expected to encounter a person who was as wretched as my superiors had told me, but, I was in for a shock. From the onset of the book, I found a mature leader, who was flawless in his thinking. His thoughts on Aryans and the Russians (Hitler 1) are very intriguing. He explains the need of a collective living of people in society. He likens the fascist movement with life in traditional Rome and explains that the Russian movement during his period was headed nowhere near civilization. In fact he posits that the Russian movement was headed towards anarchy (Hitler 1). This demonstrates a sober leader, a leader who was able to recognize vices in the society and at the same time recognize what was good. It should be remembered that on the basis of his principles alone, Hitler was elected through a democratic process to lead the people of German. His capability as a leader are demonstrated when he is able to recognize the essential element of society especially with reference to the Aryan race [people] who he describes as hardworking people who worked from morning till evening, he further describes them as a group of people who never cease thinking (Hitler 1). He is able to forge alliances with individuals who exhibit diligence. This explains his close ties with Mussolini. He refers to the Italians as “Diligent as ants” (Hitler 1), and shows his scorn on Russians when he refers to their civilization as that which consists or is made up of vodka (Hitler 1) [meaning they loathed work]. He was a leader who believed in hard work and could not accommodate laziness. In fact Hitler emphasizes that ...
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