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Jewish American Experience (Essay Sample)

I need to write a paper about the Jewish American Experience. What I will need to focus on is, the struggles they faced as Jews, and as immigrants in general....So struggles about fitting in, about the language issue, the religion issue, anti Semitism. stuff like that..use as many sources as you need but not wikipedia. Please try to submit the paper earlier, before the deadline. No extensions re possible! source..
Jewish American Experience
This paper deals with some of the most distinguishable aspects of the American Jewish experience. The Jews incorporation into the American life and the subsequent process of restructuring of the Jewish life is discussed herein. One of the most distinguishable characteristics of the process of incorporation of the Jews into the American culture has been the combination of great and continuous economic and occupational advancement. The Jews were also involved into the public arenas of American life. The primordial components of the Jewish identity marked the public acceptance of the collective Jewish activities.
The Jewish institutions have been in the forefront of the incorporation of the two cultures for the past two or three decades. The way the American Jews manifest their experience through their the religious, educational, communal and political institutions, the public visibility and acceptability evidently felt in the political and intellectual aspects of the nineteenth century American society.
The Jewish experience in the American society is enveloped in the public display and the acceptance of the communal Jewish experience and activities as defined by the Jewish national ethnic terms. The Jewish identity, the collective consciousness, and the collective endeavors were based on the religious symbolism and institutions.
The ideological reforms of the American Jewish in the 19th century were mainly based on the assumptions that the religious reforms were a common practice to the American society at that time. However, the process of incorporation began earlier even before the great immigrations of the 1880 but was muted for a period of two or three generations and resurfaced in the late 1960’s.
History of American Jewish
The history of American Jewish dates back to 1654. History has it that the present Jews in America started from a small number of only two dozen Jews refugees that were feeing from Brazil. Using a ship, these twenty three impoverished souls arrived in New Amsterdam. They were not received well as the then governor Peter Stuyvesant was of the opinion of again chasing them away (Soyer 154). Later on it is worth noting that there are a number of individuals such as Asher Levy who strived to fight for Jews rights. Additional Jews from Holland again arrived, that was in 1655. It is worth mentioning that since Britain took over what is now known as New York, coupled with those who fought for Jews right; situation seemed to be a bit better for the immigrants.
During the colonial period in 17th century, these immigrants lived along Atlantic cost line as well as some few states in the south. Similarly it is worth bringing to light the fact that it was only in the Rhode Island that the Jews were allowed to reside permanently. In 1773, a Synagogue was built which is a memory of Juda Touro. In South Carolina, Georgi...
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