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How North America differ from Asia, Eurasia, and Europe (Essay Sample)

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How North America differ from Asia, Eurasia, and Europe
during the period described in the Prologue
Human history as we know it in the Americas started in 1200 B.C.E when humans first came across the Bering straight to Alaska, then found good land , large mammals lush grasslands and good water sources , the basics of human needs for survival . From this point in time the end of large mammals in came around 8000 B.C.E. At this time the people of the Americas still had food sources but growth during this period was minimal, (Schwartz, 2004)but for the people of Eurasia in 9000 B.C.E wheat was first domesticated and the spread of people and food grew throughout the Nile valley and the Mediterranean they had crops such as oats, peas, olives, grapes , almonds , barley, oranges, etc. . So it seems at this point in time that the people in Eurasia were seeing more growth towards its Neolithic revolution than the people in the Americas were seeing.
The Neolithic revolution in the Americas started in 100 C.E in central Mexico with corn. Corn was amazing this gave the people a good food source which opened doors for people to focus on other specialties not including hunting for food. Population grew and cities emerged. Corn cultivation grew throughout the Americas and we had planted our seeds for a new year in time. Population grew with corn and they had well constructed urban areas such as Cahokia. Who knows how thing would have grown from there if it was not for horrible droughts and depleted exhausted topsoil. (Schwartz, 2004) Therefore the early Native Americans had no choice but to survive by actually reverted to hunting and foraging once again. The Eurasians where ahead of in a very big way, Around this time the people in Eurasia had well dispersed crops an animals with open trade with large cities with universities and libraries.
As we look at the differences between the Americas and Europe in the 1400’s Europe’s population increased at an alarmi...
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