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Analyze How World War Two And The Subsequent Cold War Created Economic (Essay Sample)


From the following list of essay topics please pick one and write an essay of approximately 1000 words in response. When you title your essay, please make sure it refers to the question that you're answering, for instance, "Civil Rights"
Topic: Wars often have a significant impact upon the domestic development of a nation. Analyze how World War Two and the subsequent Cold War created economic, political, and social changes inside the United States between 1941 and 1989. Your answer should relate to the INTERNAL development of the United States, not our relationship with other countries


There are many political changes that emerged from the cold war of 1945 due to imitations of U.S and other west countries to counter dominance in various activities. U.S changed its forms of government with expansions on its new roles. Moreover, there were many changes in the belief systems after secular systems attained adherents. For instance, the Red Cross was introduced in 1854 by the Geneva Conventions which was warmly embraced by the U.S government. Both the Telegraphic Union (1865) and the Postal Union (1875) were established to bring the world closer together. This step enabled the U.S citizens to cooperate with the federal government in undertaking various economic development plans. However, one of the major weaknesses in these changes included limitation on international thinking from political and national affairs.
The political changes led to heightened regional identities particularly in North America. For instance, new emphasis was placed on regional and trade block between America and its trading partners. Major societies in U.S were inclined to more common commercial policies. The political arena also influenced private and commercial market forces. The war created the anticipated existential threat that forced the government to spend over 38% of GDP on the military outlays for the next decade. Consequently, the unemployed people in United States were absorbed in the workforce.
The U.S’s political-economic matters were also boomed after flattening of the income distribution which necessitated development of a foundation stone of the post war. With the United States Secretary of State, George C.Marshall concerned at solving the economic difficulties in U.S, her interests were hampered by lack of authorities capable of organizing worldwide trade. The Marshall Plan by President Harry Truman paid off in stopping Communism in America. These political events radically altered the existing institutions and structures in the U.S. for instance, people became more aggressive in expressing aspirations for freedom, democracy and human rights in the country. The government administrations were also enlarged so that the country would be better suited for new political orders.
After the cold war, the U.S government took control over European export market. In 1930s, the international economic depress

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