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HIS391 Reading Report: Studies 391 China In The World Fall 2017 (Essay Sample)


University at Buffalo, SUNY HISTORY 391 / ASIAN STUDIES 391 China in the World Fall 2017 Guidelines for reading report four In this reading report, you will write about two or more Chinese accounts of the United States, chosen from among the sources collected in the book Land Without Ghosts, which is the assigned reading for class on October 30 and November 1. For those two classes, I have asked you to read from Parts II, III, and IV (pp. 77-200), but you are welcome to write your reading report on material from the other parts of the book, as well, if you want to. In your report, you should reflect on what we can learn about China’s relations with the world from the personal accounts in Land Without Ghosts. You can write about any topic that interests you related to this question, but you must draw on at least two of the accounts in the book as you make an argument about the topic. No extra reading is required, but it might be helpful to you to find out more about the people whose writings are included in the book. A search on the web should help you learn about many of them. If you use a reference book, whether a print source in our library or a website, please include a bibliography that lists these sources in proper format. If you just cite material from the Land Without Ghosts book, there is no need to include a bibliography. You should cite page numbers for the material you mention from the book in this way (Arkush and Lee, p. xyz). Your paper should be around 700 words, formatted with double spacing and one-inch margins. Print out your reading report and bring it to class on November 1. Be ready to report orally that day on the topic or topics you discussed in your written report. Get in touch if you have any questions.


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In the book Land Without Ghosts, a major theme that characterizes the accounts of Chinese about America is racism. In this reflection, the focus is on racism as experienced by the Chinese while in America. Racism is a big issue in America particularly in the past when it was intense. The first account that talks about racism is one by Lin Shu, 1991. The account by Shu examines the beginnings of slavery in Virginia. This marked the start of the enslavement of the black by the white in the United States. Therefore, given that it is the black people who were enslaved, and the act was carried out by white people, an aspect of racism emerges. I am particularly interested in the account by Shu because it gives a background to the beginning of slavery and eventually racism in the US.
Shu notes that slavery in 1691 marked the beginning of slavery when twenty Africans were transported to the Jamestown, which was located in Virginia. An aspect that the author also mentions in the text is Emancipation. Shu mentions the role of Abraham Lincoln in the proclamation of the emancipation. This is one of the aspects I have read before about American history. The emancipation in 1863 marked a point in the history of the country when slaves were freed. Despite a significant step made towards equality, the blacks were still largely discriminated for many more decades that followed. Therefore, the mention of the beginning of slavery that eventually led to racism in the US appealed to me to a great ex

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