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William L Garrison Interview, Life and Work, Experience (Essay Sample)


Historical people chose William Garrison. Don't use too much hard vocabularies, better to have some grammar mistakes so it seems mine work.

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction My name is (insert name) and I am a journalist working with The Guardian newspaper. My interview will be focused on William .L. Garrison who was a journalist from the United States of America. He made major contributions to the field of journalism which are remembered till today.  He lived in between December 10th1805 in Newburyport, Massachusetts and died in May 24th 1879 in New York City (Fauchald, 112). He is known for his major contributions in the abolition of slavery in the U.S.A. Also known as The Liberator, he became a symbol for the plight to stop slavery during the civil war. The main method through which he propagated his agenda was through crusading for the helpless slaves throughout the United States (Grimké, 412). He held campaigns all over the nation and even wrote a speech later that put the matter to bed. His actions made him a hero and he is revered the world over as one of the most strong willed people that the world has ever seen. Through his actions, he also became a manifestation of what an individual can do if he/she puts his/her mind fully to it. Indeed, fighting for the abolition of slavery was his true calling and he saw to it that he fulfilled his life’s work before he went to the grave (Dal Lago, 295). Life and Work Garrison’s father was a sailor who was an alcoholic. Even though William was still a child, his father still continued with his drinking habits and he later left the family to fend for itself. Garrison’s mother had no choice but to raise her family as a single mother. She worked hard to keep the family healthy through taking menial jobs for a living (Grimké, 412). William’s early years were therefore offset by poverty in his home. Despite the status of his family, Garrison was a bright boy thus he was articulate at school. Having received formal education, he became apprenticed to a printer at the age of 13. Years of work at a printing firm led him to establish his own newspaper which he launched in 1826, just when he was 19 years old. He moved from Newburyport to Boston two years later and began working at a newspaper firm then known as The National Philanthropist (Deburg and L., 228). This newspaper was the first American newspaper that protested against excessive alcoholism and aimed at ending the liquor business in the U.S. It was no doubt that Garrison was actively participative in the protests due to the experience that he went through as a child (Fauchald, 112) After working at The National Philanthropist, Garrison later moved to become the co-editor of a newspaper known as The Genius of Universal Emancipation which aired out his fury on slavery of American people (Brown, 235). The attacks that he made on slavery were a fatal blow to many slave traders nationwide and one slave trader accused him of libel and he was imprisoned shortly after. His imprisonment did not stop him from speaking the truth. After being released from prison, he returned to Boston to establish a new newspaper which came to be known as The Liberator. The first issue of the newspaper was published in January 1st 1831 (Dal Lago, 299). The first issue contained the themes through which he would immortalize his motive to abolish slavery for the next 35 years. His argument was mainly based on the notion that every slave should have the same human rights as every other American and they should live equally with each other. Through his actions, he garnered attention all over the world in dramatic ways. For example, in one of his speeches, he declared that abolition of slavery was the Law of God (Glickman, 892). He also viewed the constitution as a pact with the dev...
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